Alyssa and Robert

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How We Met

We met online, go figure! But we both weren’t ever on our dating apps. We really started talking once we shared Instagrams and he saw me post a picture of my cooking and asked to take me out for tacos (we both love tacos) sent me his number & said text me with an answer! Smooth & yummy lol

How They Asked

Soo, I was completely surprised and had NO idea what was happening. My best friend had told me we were going to drop off Christmas gifts to her cousin at work. We drove an hour up north and once we arrived I had no idea where we were. We got stopped by a big cargo train and I saw her getting nervous, I recommended we just ask her cousin to meet us and she ignored me (now I know why). So we find a way around the train to a different entrance. When we got there I asked where her cousin was and I didn’t see anyone. Finally, I look up and I see Robert! I’m like wait what?!

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He opens my door, I’m so confused and surprised and I’m like “wait so did u just meet us cause u knew we were up here?” And my best friend starts laughing. “There is no Cindy (her cousin)” she says. I’m like wait you knew about this the whole time? She giggles. So I get out of the car still have NO idea what we’re doing. He goes “we’re going on a helicopter ride”. I looked at him in amazement and said “on a Wednesday?” Lol. He takes me inside and we get set up and this nice man who’s a photographer takes us across the road to where the helicopter takes off. Image 4 of Alyssa and Robert

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The photographer is asking us all these questions which made me think “okay, maybe he’s not proposing because this guy is clueless..”. Well turns out, we’re overlooking the Statue of Liberty during sunset and all the sudden Robert takes off his headphone and asks me to marry him. I couldn’t stop crying & smiling and the funny part is .. the photographer really didn’t know! They were supposed to tell him and didn’t. What a surprise.

Special Thanks

We don't know his name ! Lol
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