Alyssa and Nick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

How We Met

Nick and I met through a mutual friend one night at a bar. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight. It actually wasn’t until 6 months later that we started talking.

I was at a time in my life where I had gained a significant amount of weight and decided I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about it. Nick and I actually had a membership to the same gym and he had offered to show me a few things. Not knowing anything about the gym or weightlifting, I agreed to go with him. Ever since that first day of working out together, it has become “our thing”. Every day we religiously go to the gym together. I would say since losing almost all of the 50lbs I had once gained I now feel so beautiful and radiant but the truth is…since day one Nick has never let me believe I was ever anything less than the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. He constantly would look me in the eyes and write me notes to wake up to remind me I am beautiful and perfect.

You always hear people saying “chivalry is dead”. But I am here to say it is so much still alive…you just have to find that diamond in the rough. I still don’t understand how I got so lucky or what I did to deserve Nick but I thank God every day.

So ladies if you’re reading this- don’t lose hope and most definitely don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Find a man like Nick who handpicks wild tulips from a field to surprise you with, a man who leaves you handwritten letters to wake up to, a man who opens the car door for you and most importantly find a man who never makes you feel anything less than perfect… because every girl deserves a love like ours. A love that is so real and so strong, no words can amount to it.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

How They Asked

Nick had been studying for is MBA and this was the weekend he finally graduated. I was so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. I wanted to celebrate him. I planned a fun weekend filled with all the things he enjoys but hasn’t been able to do being busy with grad school.

About two weeks before he finished his last class, he had told me he booked the two of us a photoshoot with our dog, Lincoln. This had been something I’ve wanted to do for 2 years but we never got around to it. He explained to me that he knew we’ve made a lot of sacrifices and haven’t been able to enjoy life as much as we’ve wanted to since he’s been in school. He told me how grateful he was for how understanding I’ve been of his busy schedule and that he knew this was something I’ve wanted to do since Lincoln was a puppy. He told me the photographer was booked and everything was all set so I didn’t need to worry about anything. Little did I know, Nick and the photographer had planned the whole proposal down to the pose that was the secret signal, it was go-time.

The morning of the photoshoot we woke up at 3:30 am to be at the spot for sunrise pictures by 6 am. We started by taking some photos with Lincoln and then the photographer suggested we get a few shots of just Nick and me. She positioned us in the “secret signal” pose so I was walking in front of Nick through the tall grass towards the creek. The photographer then called my name telling me to turn and face Nick. As I turned around my eyes weld up with tears. This was the moment I had been waiting for, for what seemed like a lifetime. The man I love was down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. Through the tears and shock, I managed to say yes.

Alyssa's Proposal in Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

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