Alyssa and Nic

How We Met

Nic and I actually met unexpectedly through a mutual friend of ours, someone I’ve known since I was about 15 years old. I had flown into San Francisco from Los Angeles (where I was living at the time) for a weekend visit. We were supposed to head to an event that evening at Fort Mason, so I was busying myself putting the finishing touches before we head out. It was at that point that Nic walked into the room and, upon seeing me for the first time, felt a smooth pick-up line would do the trick (*eye roll*) which didn’t work quite like he had expected. I warmed up to him slightly after he strode up and down the line to find me a last-minute ticket for the event, which I thought was really sweet. Later on in the evening, we established a “buddy system” as our larger group of friends started to disperse, and we spent the whole night laughing, talking and goofing around. And, well, the rest is history.

How They Asked

The proposal! It was the evening of my birthday, and Nic’s parents were in town visiting us from England. He convinced me that we should drive into San Francisco for dinner to celebrate, but insisted that I wear a blindfold once we got closer to the city so that it didn’t spoil where he was taking me. As we arrived at the secret location, Nic helps get me out of the car and guiding me toward wherever we were going. Meanwhile, I was convinced upon hearing the seagulls overhead that we must be near the beach. I’ll be honest, I was convinced that he had arranged dinner at the zoo since he knows my deep love of elephants, so needless to say I was totally oblivious to what was really going on. As he removes the blindfold, I immediately realize that we are at Fort Mason, in the exact spot where we had taken a photo the night we met. Before I know it, he’s on one knee, and moments later I notice a photographer hidden out of view nearby. After another few moments, I realize that Nic unknowingly hired a high school friend of mine as our photographer for the evening, which made it even more special (and triggered even more tears)! We went for a lovely, quiet dinner and closed the night having champagne with our parents to celebrate our engagement. The following day, Nic had arranged for one of my very best friends to fly in from New York to surprise me before a birthday/ engagement party where we celebrated with family and friends. The whole thing was magical.


Special Thanks