Alyssa and Nathan

how we met

We met at a Jets football game at MetLife Stadium. We both were with separate groups of friends on a bus trip down to the stadium. While tailgating with our separate groups Nate approached me and told me I as beautiful. To which I responded by giggling and walking away because I was drunk! We didn’t sit near each other during the game so on the bus ride home he asked me my name. We didn’t talk much at all that entire day but definitely continued to steal glances of each other, but both didn’t act on the attraction. He found me on Facebook later the next week and we finally started to talk and eventually went on our first date.

how they asked

He proposed to me in Mexico on valentines day. We were there for vacation and planned an excursion that day to climb the Mayan ruin Coba. We hiked up to the top of this ruin in the intense heat and humidity, Nate while wearing our heavy back pack full of stuff including the engagement ring. I had no idea this was happening that day but I did have a feeling it may happen on the vacation. Once we got to the top I was so exhausted and sweaty all I wanted to do was sit in the shade. Nate wanted top take a picture and i remember telling him cant we just relax first! He insisted and gave his phone to a woman to take our picture at the top. He then got down on one knee, everyone at the top clapped and yelled, it was pretty amazing. We then get his phone back from this woman and she didn’t get a single picture of him actually proposing! Just a few poses right before the actual proposal.

Special Thanks

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