Alyssa and Mike

How We Met

We were in the military. My handwriting impressed him, and the fact that I hid packets of Tyson chicken in my clothes for lunch and I liked his sunspots. It was, honest to God, this slow motion kind of moment the first time we noticed each other. We didn’t even speak, we just made some intense eye contact, kind of like, “hey, I know you”. But, fast forward, I kissed his cheek when he left TX for his next duty station. Yikes, but yes!

Alyssa and Mike's Engagement in Fort Harrison Park in Indianapolis, IN

Proposal Ideas Fort Harrison Park in Indianapolis, IN

I told him I had goals. He respected it, and I respected him. I didn’t respect men at the time, so this was huge. I was pulled aside by my sergeant for being unprofessional. Males and females couldn’t talk. We had conversations with our eyes though. I loved his eyes. We could look at each other and tell entire stories. We got stationed at the same base. Inseparable since then. He would work days and I would work nights. Just to be with me, he’d sleep on the floor by the kitchen while I’d be up meal prepping.

I wasn’t supposed to be stationed in Minot, ND. I didn’t want to be. It was too cold. Michael was stationed there though, and he made up his mind, no long distance relationship. Before he left, his high school basketball coach prayed with him. He prayed God would bring a woman in his life. Uh, yes… hello, right here, me. Alyssa Smith. I ended up getting stationed in Minot. Not only that, but we were on the same flight, same team. We started dating February. Sounds so happy, but I remember telling him I wasn’t capable of loving or being loved. What a lie. We eloped.

How They Asked

Michael and I are to this day inseparable. When we left Minot and came to Indy, we called it our Jesus adventure. We had nothing to come here to, except for opportunity and new stomping ground we’ve both never stomped. We ended up on rock bottom. We ended up flat broke with a one year old and a baby in my belly. But, nothing will ever divide us.

Because we were in the military, we didn’t have a real wedding, or even an extravagant proposal. He asked me in my birthday card. He said he had set an appointment for us at the courthouse! My dress was $14 and my earrings were $2. We told each other a wedding could wait, and so could a ring. We would rather celebrate our commitment and faithfulness to each other when we “financially arrived” and make it an open house for anyone and everyone who impacted us in some special, even simple, way – and then share our love story, and the many many incredible things we’ve learned in our marriage. Our marriage is, hands down, the greatest opportunity of our lives!

And these pictures – what a day to experience it all, all over again, EXTRAVAGANTLY! Totally wordless. And still, head over heels, crazy in love, even without the beautiful diamond.

We eloped. We didn’t have a real wedding. My parents didn’t even like that he was black. Things changed. He’s a favorite. How couldn’t he be! He’s the best person I’ve ever met. We are on an adventure and are each other’s greatest opportunity to be anything and do everything. Everything wonderful. We chose to build a life in Greenwood, IN, after the military. Ended up on rock bottom, broke, but learned life’s greatest lessons and who we are even more to each other. Wherever one is the other is.

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