Alyssa and Mike

Image 1 of Alyssa and Mike

How We Met

Tinder! So I did not believe in online dating and a friend of mine made me try. When I downloaded the app, he was the very first person that popped up! I swiped right and the rest is history! We went on a date soon after that – it was love at first sight. While we didn’t start officially dating right away, we kept bumping into each other, and eventually, he chased after me for a while. While on a work trip to Duluth MN, he surprised me and showed up at the place I was having dinner! He drove me to split rock lighthouse and told me he loved me! I decided I have to give this guy a shot, and I’m so glad I did! He’s my best friend, absolutely the one for me, and I can’t wait to marry him!

How They Asked

On a perfect fall day with perfect fall colors, during a road trip to Duluth, we went up the north shore sightseeing/hiking. Mike had one of his softball friends and his wife being ninjas following us around a few spots we went to taking pics – had no clue they were bc they were in masks and undercover. Then we went to the split rock lighthouse to the spot he first told me he loved me and got down on a knee. During the proposal, he told me all about how he picked out the ring a week or two earlier and took my best friend Sarah while having “softball.” He even changed into softball clothes before he left and changed in the car in the garage before ring shopping. He also told me how a few days prior, he surprised my mom & drove to my hometown (2 hrs away) to ask my mom and little sister for permission to marry me when he had “softball”… again dressed the part… changed in the car… and even chugged a beer in the garage before coming in so he would “smell” similar to how he always smells after softball! Haha! :) and then while proposing some random amazing photographer was there shooting and we ended up getting a shoot with her – unplanned but perfect timing! Literally the best day! Ever!! Mike is not a planner. So to pull this off, it was truly magical and a day I’ll never forget!