Alyssa and Mike

How We Met

I had just started a new job and unbeknownst to me at the time, I worked with Mike’s cousin, Candace. After being there just a couple of months, two of my coworkers who I had been shadowing cornered me in my office and were like “hey, Candace wanted us to see if you’re interested in going out with her cousin, she thinks you guys would be a great match.” I totally blew it off and was not interested. There was no way anyone was going to set me up on a blind date after having not such great dating experience in the past. I made up what I thought was a great excuse, something along the lines of I’m not interested in a relationship right now. HAH. About a month later I was walking down the hall in our office and Candace popped out of nowhere cornering me to tell me she thought me and Mike would be such a great match and that we really should go out. At this point, I was caught so off guard I didn’t know what to say or what kind of excuse to come up with so I reluctantly added him on Facebook thinking to myself well I’ll just never talk to him. It took no time for Mike to send me a message and over the next couple of months, I continually ignored him and his attempts to take me out. It was finally Fourth of July and after much persistence on Mike’s part, I (at the time) reluctantly agreed to meet him at his marina and go out to dinner on his boat, what would be our first date, on July 6, 2017. We instantly hit it off with an undeniable connection and before I knew it I was spending every day with him.

How They Asked

Fast forward two years, we had purchased a home together with the summer of 2018 and immediately began extensive renovations. And it was again the Fourth of July, this time 2019, and we were heading to Turks and Caicos with my family for my aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. My dad, brother, and sister-in-law-to-be (also a best friend) were all in attendance. Both of our families had endured a number of losses in 2018 and it was just a really sad year. We were all invited to go on this trip with my aunt and uncle as the start of a new beginning, moving into the next chapter of our lives without a number of our loved ones. When we were initially asked if we would like to go, much to my surprise my entire family said yes with no questions asked about costs, etc. (little did I know my now fiancé was scheming our proposal with them)! July came and we were off to Florida in the early hours of July 4th. We spent a night in Florida and left for Turks and Caicos on Friday, July 5th. We arrived and my-oh-my was it beautiful! We spent our first day relaxing and exploring.

The horizon was cloudy at sunset so we didn’t get the best view and hoped for a better one the next day. Saturday, July 6th, (the anniversary of our first date) I woke up like any other normal day, with no idea I would have a fiancé in less than 12 hours. We enjoyed a beachside breakfast with my brother and his fiancé, relaxing in the sun and spending time with family- a truly relaxing getaway. Later in the afternoon, it was suggested we should try to catch the sunset and get a family picture at the beach before dinner (no big deal, right?). We sat on the terrace awaiting the sunset and as the sun began to descend into the horizon, we all went to the beach to watch and had someone take our family picture. I’m not sure how or what transpired in the next 30 seconds but before I knew it I was standing in the sand, at the water’s edge, alone. Looking around wondering where everyone dispersed to, I then see Mike, walking over towards me.

I again question to myself, what the heck is going on?? It wasn’t until he was standing right in front of me and began to kneel down, did I really realize what was happening! The first words out of my mouth as he began to kneel, “Oh my God! What are you doing?!” Mike pulled a little bag with the most beautiful ring out of his pocket and asks me, “are you ready to break the internet?” (a joke between us as we have had the utmost support of our relationship since day 1) and it was immediately at that moment that while still in shock, I stuck out my hand and Mike asked, “will you?” and I told him of course! By this time, my family had gathered a small crowd on the deck behind us overlooking our proposal, everyone was cheering and I was in complete and utter shock! I had not had the slightest suspicion or wonder if a proposal was coming and Mike did not create any bit of wonder. We headed up to the rooftop terrace in our room and celebrated with a champagne toast and more photos, changed and headed off to dinner, with a fiancé!

I could absolutely not believe I was engaged!

With the purchase of our home and the never-ending remodel wearing on our patience as well as our wallets, an engagement was the furthest thing from being on my mind! Much to my surprise, Mike had been planning this proposal for nearly a year and for the last 6 months with all of my loved ones. It was truly a magical day as well as vacation and a story that I will forever cherish!