Alyssa and Mick

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mick’s parents’ house

How We Met

Mick and I met late October 2012- my junior/his senior year in college at Rutgers University. Down the street from where I lived off campus was a house of guys from my roommate Sarah’s hometown. It was the weekend of Rutgers’ homecoming which happened to fall on Halloween.

The Thursday of that weekend we went over to the boys’ house fully dressed up for the start of Halloween celebrations- I went as a skeleton in a black dress and a full face of paint. The boys threw whatever they had in the house on top of what they were already wearing. I first saw Mick as he came down the stairs in what I’m pretty sure was a ninja mask where you couldn’t see his face at all. We were standing next to each other when he took the mask off to introduce himself and we locked eyes.. as cliché rom com as it sounds it felt like everything stopped for that second. That Friday and Saturday came and went with more Halloween costumes, the Homecoming game, and apparently predicting the future.

Alyssa's Proposal in Mick’s parents’ house

Fast forward to that Sunday when we all were hanging out again (our 4th night in a row).. By the end of it Mick and I had become Facebook friends and over the course of the weekend had started an inside joke that we were going to get married and adopt 2 cats, a dog, and a turtle. Sunday into Monday we were continuing to plan our married life together via Facebook message and exchanged numbers. I was running on minimal sleep after nonstop grinning at my phone because of Mick and that was the day Hurricane Sandy hit.

… And what do you do in when you’re in college when there’s no classes and the power is out from a hurricane – drink of course. The boys came back to our house for the night, keg in tow, and by the end of it Mick and I had had our first drunken make out. This is probably where most people would write “and the rest was history”, but I had just gotten out of a shitty relationship and had zero intention of pursuing anything else anytime soon. Turns out Mick was the opposite of what I expected him to be; he let me be unabashedly myself, which I hadn’t been in a while, and was everything I didn’t know I needed. He patiently waited since I wasn’t ready to jump right back into something and a couple months later we finally made it official. Mick graduated and we did distance for the first 2 years until I moved down to South Jersey for a job and lived in an apartment with one of my hometown friends. We currently have a house a town over from his hometown with our not 2, but 4 cats, no dogs (to Mick’s dismay), and a turtle.

Where to Propose in Mick’s parents’ house

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mick’s parents’ house

How They Asked

Mick and I agreed that a house was a bigger priority than an engagement at the time and we got our first home in June 2017. I knew going into it that we both would be fairly broke for a bit and that it would take time for Mick to save for a ring. Two plus years into our mortgage and six a half years into our relationship I couldn’t even count how many people had asked me when we were getting engaged. It got to the point where I started responding with “never” because it was such a common question and, at this point, I had mentally checked out of over-analyzing it .. in my head, I figured it HAD to be in the works right? I think? Maybe?

Proposal Ideas Mick’s parents’ house

Mick got the ring in June of this past year (2019) but was waiting for the best time since there were already proposals and weddings planned for people very close to me. Once the timing was back on his side Mick began officially coming up with a plan with the help of his sister, my sisters, and 3 of my best girlfriends. We were going to Disney in October for one of those best friends’ birthdays and, since both Mick and I love Epcot so much, she suggested doing it there.

Mick drove up to my parents’ house in September to ask my Dad permission and the following day some other information came into play. This led me to text mick randomly one morning and say that even though I highly doubted this was his plan could he please not propose in Disney because my emotions were not on my side and it would be too much for me at the moment .. Mick went into full panic mode at this point (whoops 😶) and had to quickly come up with a plan B.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mick’s parents’ house

Anyone who knows me knows I am the craziest cat lady and that getting proposed to with a kitten would be the legit DREAM proposal. We already had 3 cats at the time and, knowing Mick, I knew that the kitten proposal ship had sailed. The last thing he wanted to get was a 4th cat, but since the Disney plan had gone out the window it was pretty much go big or go home.

After working a couple of days in a row (night shift nurse) and still not being in the best headspace, Mick suggested we go to dinner on my night off that Thursday to cheer me up. He went out of his way to make “reservations” at our go-to hibachi place which was unusual for him, but I figured he was just trying to make me feel better. That night I, completely clueless, was taking too long to get ready and changed my outfit at least 4 times right before we had to walk out the door. To add to Mick’s nerves one of my best friend’s husbands walked into our house while I was getting ready instead of going to Mick’s parents and, still, I was completely clueless.

I wanted to get a picture before dinner and we were already cutting it close on our reservation time when Mick said he had to stop at his parents’ house on the way to pick up some mail. I thought it was weird timing, but his parents live pretty close to us and I knew it would only take an extra minute. I was waiting in the car as Mick ran in real quick for the “mail” when he called me and asked me to come inside. Looking at the time I asked why and after Mick stuttered some sort of excuse, I turned off the car and went inside.

Where to Propose in Mick’s parents’ house

Alyssa and Mick's Engagement in Mick’s parents’ house

I walked through his parent’s front door and directly in front of me were the words ‘Marry Me’ with rose petals on the floor and a cover of Still Into You playing in the background .. and standing in the middle of it all and holding a KITTEN, was Mick. You’d think I would have had some idea that this could be happening soon, but I sure as hell didn’t think it was happening on a random Thursday night, especially when I had to work that whole weekend.

Alyssa and Mick's Engagement in Mick’s parents’ house

Cue a couple of F-bombs and me going into complete shock .. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. We had a few minutes to ourselves inside and then, still completely out of it, Mick led me outside where both of our families and some of my close friends were waiting to surprise us. We all went back in to take pictures and things slowly started to sink in. The tears and Kim Kardashian ugly crying started and didn’t stop for the rest of the night. I still have no idea how I found someone that loves me enough to willingly adopt a 4th cat .. our home and my heart has never been more full and I can’t wait to turn what started as an inside joke into the real thing.

Alyssa's Proposal in Mick’s parents’ house

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