Alyssa and Michael

Image 1 of Alyssa and Michael

How We Met

I moved to Michigan for a year after graduating college and ended up working at the same store that he was working. We became best friends at the store – and that’s where everything started. 4 years later, and we’re engaged!

how they asked

I am a wedding photographer and had been talking to my friend Stephanie Rogers (who Michael has known since he was a teenager) about going to the Monahan Sand Dunes and taking portraits of each other (with our significant others) for our portfolios. Michael knew that I had been talking to her about visiting there sometime this year and he messaged her and asked her to invite us there for a photo shoot and filled her in that he wanted to propose during the shoot. I was unaware of this when she invited us to go and still thought we were just taking portfolio pictures.

So, we get to the sand dunes and Stephanie goes “I want to take your photos first!” So Michael and I go to the top of the dunes and are posing for the shoot like normal. We get halfway through the shoot and Stephanie poses us back to back (to give Michael a chance to get the ring out of his pocket without me seeing) and then she had us turn around and when I turned around Michael was on one knee with a ring in his hands. I was seriously in shock!

Image 2 of Alyssa and Michael

It was so sweet. He knew that I would want pictures of something like this, so him planning a surprise proposal in the middle of photo shoot was so clever.

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