Alyssa and Michael

How We Met

It’s actually a funny story. Michael and I went to high school and community college together but never talked or really hung out. The only time I ever saw him and maybe said a couple words to him was in community college. He played baseball and I played soccer. Our two teams would hang out and play horse in the gym before practices, and that’s when Michael and I would maybe say a couple of words to each other. We both remember wanting to go after one another in the game because neither of us were that great at basketball. However that was it for talking in community college. One day I went over to be best friend’s house and it also happened that he was one of Michael’s good friends too. We all hung out that night, and then kept hanging out after. One night I joked around with Michael asking him to bring me food the next day because I was going to work a double shift, not thinking he would. Sure enough the next day my name gets announced over the loud speaker and sure enough Michael is there with food for me! After he left I told one of my best friends that I was going to marry him one day. From there, Michael and I started hanging out a lot more in the summer, going fishing, mini golfing and just hanging out. When school started, he was going to Northern Kentucky, and I was going to Illinois State. We both didn’t want to tie each other down and so we decided we weren’t going to date because it was going to be a new experience for each of us. Yet, the first night we were away from each other we called and talked on the phone, and continued to do that every night. For Halloween I went down to Northern Kentucky for the weekend to visit him, and a couple hours before I had to leave to go back to ISU we were both told each other how there really isn’t anyone else we’d rather be with and that we’d be able to make it through the distance. That’s when we officially started dating! October 28th, 2012. Image 1 of Alyssa and Michael

how they asked

Michael and I love taking road trips and getting away for the weekend, which is why I didn’t really suspect anything when he wanted to go to Michigan to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We made our way up to Michigan, which is also known for the United States Coast Guard, which is something that I absolutely love and Michael knew that. We made it to Michigan Friday afternoon, had some lunch and checked out where we were going to be staying for the weekend, went to dinner and called it a night. It was a cute little house that he rented for the weekend that was walking distance from the beach. Come Saturday morning, it was rainy and windy so we decided to go grab some breakfast. On our way out as we were driving we could see how big the waves were. The waves were HUGE! We decided to grab breakfast and bring it back and just sit in the car by the beach and watch the waves and wave surfers. While we were sitting there Michael made a comment about how he really really wanted to go see the lighthouse that was in the distance. As we’re looking over there all you can see are the waves crashing over the pier that leads up the the lighthouse and i told him, I’d only go on there if we were in our sweatpants and sweatshirts because we’re going to get soaked! He kind of just laughed and didn’t say much more. After an afternoon of going to a museum, we went back to get ready for a special dinner that Michael had planned out. He told me to get ready and that he wanted to go see the lighthouse before we went to dinner, we argued because I told him there was no way I was getting all dressed up, hair done and makeup done and walking on that pier with heels and a dress on. I kept telling him not a chance, nope, we were going to get soaked and that if he wanted me to go he’d have to carry me, or that I was going to wear my sweat pants over my dress. He finally looked at me and just said “Alyssa go with it!” After getting all dressed up we made our way to the lighthouse.Thinking I knew what he was doing I finally asked if we were having dinner in the lighthouse and he said yes! That definitely made me want to go on it now. The pier to the lighthouse honestly seemed like a quarter of a mile to a half a mile long. The whole time we were walking on it we were dodging waves and laughing at how crazy it was walking on this pier. Besides two women taking photos of the wave surfers, we were the only two that were on the pier which was kind of nice. This whole time, I was trying to figure out how in the world we were eating in the lighthouse, because it didn’t look like we could even get inside of it. As we were walking Michael got hit by a wave that soaked him! We continued to laugh and walk, until he stopped me, told me Happy 3 year anniversary and how much he loved me, and that’s when he got down on a knee and asked me to Marry him!! After I said yes, and we hugged and kissed, he told me that we had to go back to the photographers, which just so happened to be the two women who I thought were taking pictures of the wide surfers. Before we went, so worried, I asked him if he asked if my family knew, his first response was “we’ll we’re going to tell them..” then he said that they were waiting for the phone call! Of course they all knew it was going to happen. After taking a couple more pictures with the photographers, we headed back to the car to anxiously call our families. When Michael and I started dating my friend had sent me something that said the perfect proposal is having a photographer photograph the whole proposal. I kind of looked at him and told him to keep that in mind. Sure enough 3 years later he remembered! I couldn’t be more lucky to get to marry my best friend!

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