Alyssa and Michael

Where to Propose in St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

How We Met

I started college in the Fall of 2010 at a local community college, and it was then when we met through a mutual friend. From there, Michael and I became great friends, always hanging out on the weekends with our main group of people, staying at each others houses after long nights. He had been with me through some of my best and worst moments, past relationships, and big moves from one city to the next (for school). I too had been able to be there for these events in his life. I was thankful to have him as my friend. Three years ago, I had been single and out of another relationship for over a year. Yet again, for graduate school this time, I moved to Albany, NY and Michael came along for the whole process. I mentioned to my best gal (soon to be my MOH), that I was starting to have feelings for him at that time. It was a short while later when Michael and I both finally confessed to one another about our feelings for each other. I tell him every day that eight years ago, I couldn’t imagine us being where we are now, but I am so happy and I could not imagine anything better. We now have eight solid years of being friends, three years of dating, with a house and a dog, and a wedding to plan! I am so blessed to be doing it with my best friend.

how they asked

The two of us were well over due for a vacation. We planned to stay with his grandfather in Florida for a few days to beat this snowy New York weather. The night we got to the house in Florida, Michael expressed that he wanted to climb the St. Augustine Lighthouse, since he has not been there before. So the next day, we got up early to make our way there. He was so nervous, and I took his nervousness from being afraid of the climb (he is absolutely afraid of heights).

As we started making our way up the spiral staircase, I could tell he was becoming uncomfortable. I asked him a few times if he wanted to go back down, and he refused. I wish I could tell you that he made it to the top, but midway through, he stopped and told me he couldn’t go any higher. I finished the climb to take some photos, and made my way back down to him, and helped him get to the bottom. Once we reached that first level, he asked if we could take a moment to sit on a single bench, which was located at the bottom of the lighthouse. We sat for a minute as I showed him the pictures I had taken at the top. He then said that I should take a photo of the staircase view from the bottom. I thought to myself how cool that would be, so I got up from the bench to take the picture. When I turned around, there he was on his one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. The minute our eyes met we both were at a loss for words and all I could ask was “Is this for real,” a very common response from myself. After a moment of partial laugh-crying, I said yes. It was perfect and although we do not have the pictures and videos to display the proposal, it’ll always be one of our greatest memories with each other.

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