Alyssa and Michael

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How We Met

I was late to my first day of Zoology lab. I am never on time to anything. I enter the classroom and there is only 1 seat left open. Sitting across from me luckily was a friend of mine. Next to her was a tall 6’7” boy from South Africa with an accent. We became friends, but nothing more. After we completed the semester and went home for summer break, he stayed in PA and I went back to (upstate) NY. My sister and I went for a trip into the city and got a picture with the LOVE sign. As I get home, I see on Facebook that he too was in the city that same day and took a picture in front of the same sign! Naturally I messaged him and told him that I was surprised we didn’t bump into each other and we should have met up for something to eat! From then on we began talking and we were inseparable. We started dating the first week back from summer break.

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He was always such a romantic. Leaving me chocolates on the pillows, or flowers just because. Although we were inseparable, he took FOREVER to tell me he loved me, but he did it in the most awesome way possible. For my 21st birthday he took me to South Africa to see his home. The day of my birthday, he surprised me with skydiving! I only found out as I arrived. I had no hesitation whatsoever, and I was the first of us to jump out of the plane. On my way out he mouthed the words “I love you”…. Tears were coming down my face and fogging up my goggles as I experience the most amazing free fall of my life.

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how they asked

My boyfriend was playing semiprofessional rugby in New Zealand while I was studying the the US, and for my summer break and birthday, I decided to treat myself to a visit to visit him down in New Zealand. Just as my professor is about to hang me my last finals stopping me from starting my summer break, my friend turned around and said to me “so I see you are going to Fiji”…. I said what!? I’M GOING TO FIJI!? My boyfriend had posted on Facebook that my birthday present from him would be a trip to Fiji so that I would finish my last final only to find that I was going to Fiji.

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After a few amazing days in Fiji, my boyfriend told me he had another surprise for me for my birthday. He surprised me with a jet skiing tour hopping around the Fijian islands. About 5 minutes into the ride, the instructor was having problems with his jet ski…. Another 5 minutes later, the instructor pulled up to a random small island with nothing on it, and said he needed some time to work on the jet ski and that it was giving him trouble. In the mean time, we walked around the small island where I spotted a bottle washed up on shore. I thought it was pretty crazy, so I opened it up and in the bottle was a message reading “Alyssa, will you…” I couldn’t even finish the rest and I already started crying as I hid my happy tears with the paper. As I removed the paper from my dewey eyes, I look at my boyfriend and he is on his knee proposing to me. I said “yes”!!!!

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