Alyssa and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I lived on opposite ends of Louisiana, and we met each other in Baton Rouge during our sophomore year of high school. We were both attending All-State Honor Band at that time. If you haven’t played in a Louisiana honor band, all you need to know is that you have to go through two rounds of auditions, competing against musicians from all over the state. Once you make it, you can be placed into three different groups: symphonic band, concert band, or orchestra. Matt and I just so happened to be placed into the orchestra that year. He was in the percussion section, and I played the piano. Needless to say, there was a very slim chance of us meeting! One beautiful piece we played for our concert was called “The Moldau.” Throughout the course of our relationship that would eventually come to be, we listened to this piece constantly. While we were still dating we even talked about having the piece played at our wedding. We love listening to this piece and being reminded of the time when we first met.

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During our junior year of high school, we both made All-State, we were both placed into the orchestra, AND we were both in the percussion section this time! After we finished our concert, my mom told me to take a picture with the “cute guy” in the percussion section. I remember complaining to her saying that I didn’t want to take a picture with him because I didn’t know him very well, and I was also dating someone else at the time. She joked around and said something along the lines of “Who knows, you may end up with that guy one day!” She proceeded to make me take a picture with that cute guy. Life has a funny way of working out sometimes because that cute guy turned out to be my future fiancé!

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Fast forward to our senior year of high school, we both made All-State and were placed in the percussion section of the same group… again! We were both recently single, and we started to get the feeling that our yearly encounters were some sort of sign. After getting to know each other a little better, we discovered that we were both going to college at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Matt got my phone number before we parted ways for the third year in a row. We started talking, and the rest was history! On April 4, 2014, I traveled to Monroe where Matt and I both auditioned for the ULM drumline. While there, we went on our first date, and he asked me to be his girlfriend! My life truly changed for the better ever since that day!

how they asked

The spring semester of our fourth year of college was coming to a close, and Matt was about to graduate with his bachelor’s degree. What I didn’t know was that graduation wasn’t the only exciting thing that would happen that day! I told my mom the date of his graduation ahead of time so that she would be able to take some time off from work so she could attend. I also asked my grandmother to come too since we’re really close, and she happily agreed.

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I like to believe that I am a person who is aware of everything going on around me, but I was completely oblivious when it came to noticing clues leading to the proposal! A couple of weeks before graduation, Matt said that he wanted to do something fun with both of our families while they would be in town. All of us enjoy doing escape rooms, so I didn’t think anything of it when Matt suggested we do one of those. During the week of graduation itself, Matt told me that he randomly ran into one of his friends, Jacob, who just so happens to work at Southern Escape, the escape room in Monroe. Matt said that Jacob recommended a room for us to do and that he was even kind enough to block off a time slot for us after graduation. Matt met up with Jacob another time later during the week to “exchange video games,” which I somehow believed. Turns out they were actually meeting at Southern Escape and coming up with clues that were based around our relationship to personalize our escape room. The day before graduation, Matt’s mom invited me to get our nails done together. She said it was her treat after I had just finished a long week of taking finals. After graduation took place, Matt convinced me to stay in my dress (and heels) to go to the escape room. He said I wouldn’t have time to go back to my apartment to change into comfortable clothes, when really he just knew that I would want to be dressed nicely for the proposal. I totally fell for all of this! Like I said earlier, completely oblivious!

Once we got to Southern Escape, we found out that Jacob was our game master (what a surprise, right?). He took us to our room and gave us all blindfolds to put on. Jacob guided me into the room and sat me down. After a few minutes of waiting, Jacob told us that everyone was in place. He said that he would go to the control room to start our timer and that we were only allowed to take off our blindfolds when we heard the intro music play. After waiting a few seconds, “The Moldau” started playing. Yes, that beautiful piece that Matt and I played together in the orchestra when we first met. At this point, I STILL didn’t realize what was happening. I flung off my blindfold because I was so excited that “The Moldau” was the intro music. I was expecting to see people eagerly beginning to search the room for clues, but all I saw was Matt standing directly in front of me holding a small box in his hands. I looked around and saw pictures of us scattered around the room, along with our families standing around us with huge smiles on their faces and cameras pointing towards us. Matt then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t actually believe what was happening, and I was immediately fighting back tears. After a few seconds of convincing myself that this wasn’t part of the escape room, I said yes!

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Everything about the proposal was more than I ever could have dreamed of. Like our relationship, the proposal was completely unique and fun-loving. Some of the clues scattered around the room included pictures of us, musical compositions we played together, and even a crossword puzzle all about our relationship. I now have the most beautiful piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen in my life. Family is very important to us, and I’m so happy that both of our families were there to watch the proposal happen. Lastly, he proposed using the same thing that brought us together: music. And if you were wondering, I was somehow able to compose myself enough to where we completed the room and made it out with a few minutes to spare!

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