Alyssa and Matthew

Alyssa's Proposal in Freehold, NJ

How They Asked

We were getting ready to go on our monthly date night. What was special about this date night was, we were going to the restaurant where we had our first date, La Dolce Vita. We were on our way to the restaurant. He said he needed to stop at his aunt’s house to get something for the apartment. (We are redoing some rooms in our apartment and his uncle is a contractor). I asked if I should go inside the house to say hi to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike. He told me no because they were out to eat for Uncle Mike’s birthday. I was sitting in the car, took my heels off because they hurt, and he went to their backyard. He called me and asked me to come, help him with something.

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I was thinking to myself, “how could I help him? I am in heels and a dress.” Without hesitating, I put my shoes back on in the car and then started walking to the backyard. All I was thinking is what could I do and how could I help. I was also thinking how cold it was outside because I was in a dress and it was probably 30 degrees outside. As I walked into Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike’s backyard I turned the corner and there was Matt. The whole backyard was decorated. The fire pit was on, there were candles lined up on the floor just like an aisle leading up to Matt, and the most beautiful decorations throughout their backyard.

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I walked up to Matt (crying of course) and he kisses my forehead and says “I love you so much!” He gets down on one knee and said, “you were the one, you were always the one, Alyssa, will you marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?” I said yes! (crying even more and ruining my make-up that actually came out really good that night!) After enjoying and loving this special moment he then said there are some people inside that would like to see you.

I said, “what do you mean?” I go to open the door and there was both of our families and our closest friends. They were all there secretly hiding in Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike’s house the entire time. It was the second best surprise of the night! We got to celebrate with our family and closest friends. This was the first time both families were all under the same roof, but we all got along, loved each other, partied all night, and it was as if we were all family already!

It was a night I truly will NEVER forget! Matt put so much thought behind all this and our family that planned this and set this night up and thought of every detail that would make this night special for both of us! This truly was the best night of my life, besides meeting Matt, was February 9, 2019.

Special Thanks

Chris Frezza
 | Photographer