Alyssa and Matt

How We Met

In September of 2013, Alyssa and Matt met while both out for a run in Boston Commons. The meeting happened when Matt accidentally fell down and Alyssa went to help him up. JUST kidding. But this is how we originally told people we met to not disclose that we actually met on the world wide web (shout out to!). Friends and family closest to us were quick to call us out on this as Matt was and is never one to go running. After about one month of dating we figured it was safe to creep on each others Facebook’s to learn more about each other. From there, we realized we unknowingly met 2 years earlier, the day Matt moved up to Boston as we found a photo of him photo bombing Alyssa and her friends while outside of a bar. I guess it was meant to be! The beginning of our relationship included a lot of North End dinners, Bruin’s games and binge watching our favorite shows, Friends and Breaking Bad. We moved into a Southie apartment together in August 2015, and bought our first home together in the South Shore area a few months later in April 2016. And in between there, we rescued our perfect pup Tucker who we each grow more obsessed with every day. Now, we are both so excited to start the rest of our lives together and share our November 3, 2017 wedding date along side our family and friends.

Image 1 of Alyssa and Matt

how they asked

On Saturday morning’s, Alyssa is usually out running or at a gym class, and on this particular Saturday, Matt convinced her to take off for a relaxing day at home. Early that morning, Matt got out of bed, to what Alyssa thought, was to take care of their dog Tucker. Curious after a little while, Alyssa called down to Matt to ask what he was doing, and after a few minutes Matt asked her to come downstairs as he made breakfast. Matt had laid out rose petals down the stairs and all the way leading to their living room coffee table where he had prepared breakfast and champagne. Immediately upon Alyssa entering the living room, Matt played a video that he put together with all of our favorite memories from when we first started dating. As the video ended, he got down on one knee and proposed! Later that morning, Alyssa’s parents arrived for a previously planned visit. Matt had shared that he had made lunch plans for them at 2PM at Alyssa’s favorite nearby restaurant. Upon arriving at the restaurant, all were led upstairs to a private room where Alyssa was surprised with her brother, sister, brother-in-law, her nieces, and all of her in-laws to be! The surprises didn’t stop there as after a 4.5 hour lunch, Matt had planned for the party to continue where their close friends Danielle, AJ, Felicia and Dave joined in as well. It was literally the most perfect day!
Image 2 of Alyssa and Matt