Alyssa and Matt

how we met

Matt and I have been dating since we were 16 in high school. I never thought we would be where we are today, but it all happened to naturally. We started as best friends that evolved into a fling that turned into a long-term relationship. We went to seperate colleges but still remained together. When we graduated college, we moved into NYC in separate apartments for 2 years and finally moved in 2 years ago.

how they asked

I am a content creator and was told by my best friend Hannah (who planned this with my fiance Matt), that her friend wanted to interview me for his company Disrupters. They interview entrepreneurs disrupting the Health & Fitness industry. The Founder (Hannah’s friend) Brandon messaged me two weeks before giving me details about the interview and he provided a few date options (only one weekend worked for my schedule). Hannah and my mom told me I should book a blowout since I was getting headshots taken and Hannah picked out my outfit a few days before. Meanwhile, Matt told me he was going to his Dad’s for the weekend in Jersey so I wouldn’t suspect anything. My mom and I are very close and made sure she turned off her phone location and had an alibi for the weekend as well. Meanwhile, she was on her way to the city Friday night with her best friend (Hannah’s mom Abbi).
Saturday morning, Matt & I woke up around 8 AM. He showered and left with his packed bag for the weekend, where he really went to Hannah’s apartment to get ready. I left my apartment around 9:30 AM for my hair appt (I get blowouts a lot so it was normal). After I got my hair done, Hannah and her boyfriend Robbie picked me up in her car around 10:30 AM and drove me to Brooklyn where we were meeting Brandon at 11 AM.
Hannah and I arrived a few minutes early so she tried to distract me by taking selfies with me. We started to walk towards the carousel by the water in Dumbo. As we approached it, I could see Matt in the distance wearing a blazer and I started to know what was happening. I turned to Hannah and said “that’s Matt, what’s going on, shut up” she starts saying “that’s not Matt, we’re meeting Brandon”. But as soon as I saw him I knew and walked towards him with excitement. I then saw my friend Wini, who is a photographer I work with in the city for my content.
I was so excited that I actually tripped down a step. I walked toward him and said “what are you doing here?” he said “you know what I’m doing here” and he put me into the right position so the bridge would be behind us while my photographer and Hannah captured it all. I think we both blacked out but I just remember it being so beautiful and we both were crying.
Afterwards, we took some more shots with Wini and then Matt said we were going to brunch at Malibu Farms (which is one of my favorite places). I called my mom and she told me she would see me later and she loves me. When we arrived at brunch I was greeted by both of our families, which completely surprised me. The long table was decorated with beautiful decor and photos of Matt and I from throughout the last 10 years. We enjoyed a beautiful farm to table brunch and then went to a bar later at night where our closest friends kept the celebrations going all night long.
We went to dinner with my mom, Hannah, her mom Abbi, and her boyfriend Robbie. They sat and told me all about how they planned it all and every detail that went into surprising me. They even told me Matt, Hannah, and Wini did a run through of the exact spot Monday night to see what it would look like, and Hannah show Matt how to propose properly.
I couldn’t believe they did all of this for me, I feel so grateful and lucky to be so loved by my friends and family. Matt has been my person since the beginning and I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

Special Thanks

Wini Lao
 | Photography