Alyssa and Marcus

How We Met

Our story started on December 17, 2014. Alyssa was a waitress at Ichiban Restaurant in Mt. Lookout, who had reluctantly picked up a shift after a long day of classes at UC. I was taking my best friend (& now best man!) James to dinner to talk him through his upcoming proposal to his girlfriend, Kylee. We planned to eat dinner at another restaurant in the area, but due to long wait times, we ended up at Ichiban… and guess who our waitress was? We didn’t hit it off right away (she brought me a can of beer without a glass, and was so busy that she hardly had time to check on our table!), and I was so focused on James telling me about Kylee that I hardly got to talk to her. When the check came James said, “Why don’t you leave her your number?” I think I told him something along the lines of, “James that never works, there is no way she will call me.” But I did it anyway, it was worth a shot right?

Alyssa later told me that she had never texted a guy who left his number but she thought I was cute and nice for taking my friend out to talk to him about his proposal so she took a chance and I am so thankful that she did. Later that night I got a text from a random number that just said “Hey! It’s Alyssa!” I took a screenshot of the text and have kept it ever since. We both agree that we were meant to meet that night, Alyssa wasn’t supposed to work, James and I weren’t supposed to go to ichiban, I had NEVER left my number, and Alyssa had NEVER texted someone who did. Crazy things happened that night and I am so thankful that they did.

how they asked

We met on the 17th of December and ever since then we have celebrated the 17th of every month and this month was no different… or so she thought. Our first date was at Morelien Lager house and to preserve how special our first date was we agreed to not go back. I told her to be ready at 6:30 and I wouldn’t tell her where we were going. I had been planning this day for MONTHS, it had to be perfect, because she is. She could tell that I was nervous when she got in the car, and kept asking where were going all the up until the point where I pulled up in front of Morelien. At that point she knew it wasn’t just another date night. We walked in and the hostess took us to the exact same booth that we had our first date. Thankfully and ironically it was sweetest day so I played it off that we were there for sweetest day in an effort to keep her from figuring out that I was about to propose. All through dinner I brought up memories of our time together, and got chocked up a few times.

After dinner ended I told Alyssa that there was a part two of our date night, but again wouldn’t tell her where we were going. I tried to keep my cool as I drove across the river the city overlook at Devou, another very special place to us. Devou Park was where I asked this amazing girl to be be my girlfriend just 10 short months ago. As we made our way up to the park I could see her excitement starting to build as well as my nerves. Making our way up to the city overlook I waved to the park ranger (Bob) who I had met earlier in the day, I had to get a permit from the city for us to be at the park after dark (a lot of people were in on this night). Unbeknownst to Alyssa my friends had been up at the overlook setting up an arbor decorated with pictures of us (73 to be exact) and surrounded in candles. As we started to walk down the path towards our sport she spotted the arbor and asked, “Is this for us? Did you do this?” I got nervous and responded, “Uh, what? No…. no, that’s not for us. We’re allowed to be up here though!”

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Soon after Alyssa could tell that there were A&M cutouts on the arbor. I started to tell Alyssa that the past 10 months have been the best months of my life and that I didn’t ever want it to end. Alyssa gazed at the arbor in pure shock. As she turned around, I was down on one knee holding her notebook that I had written her a note in every day for the past 10 months. In her notebook, I had written: Alyssa Katherine Grace Newman, will you marry me? -Marcus Daniel Muffet …. I love you and I always will; and had placed her ring in the notebook. She screamed YES! Pretty soon, a camera started flashing, I had hired a photographer to capture the moment.

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After a minute my friends Mike and Kasey came out to congratulate us. Even Bob, the park ranger came down and brought us champagne to help celebrate. After everyone left I pulled my phone to show Alyssa something. I went back to every place that was significant in our relationship and took a video there to tell her why it was important to me and how much she meant to me. I went to her previous house in Clifton (where we had gone to school at the University of Cincinnati), where I picked her up for our first date (where she first took my breath away), my old apartment, CCM (where they took classes together), and her dad’s grave to ask him for permission to marry his daughter. Alyssa soon came to the conclusion that her dad would be with us in spirit for our entire lives- that’s even why we set our date for April 16, his birthday.

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After all that I took her Keystone where our first date ended 10 months ago. I had invited all of our friends and family who had been waiting anxiously for us to arrive. My parents even made the 4 hour drive to be there. The night was perfect in every way, and still feels like a dream!

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