Alyssa and Marcus

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Magic Kingdom

How We Met

Marcus and I hadn’t actually officially met until I was at my job for about a year. He was pretty shy, and kept to himself. I on the other hand, was the bubbly talk to anyone kind of person. One evening I was leaving work pretty late, and asked him if he was walking the same way(creeped out by dark empty parking lots) He was sweet enough to just keep walking and let me vent about my day. We got to my car i said good night and he kept walking. Thinking he was going to his car i thought nothing of it. Until when I went to leave the driveway and saw him walking all by himself. I stopped, asked what he was doing and pretty much forced him into the car. I wasn’t about to let him walk home in the cold at night. From then on each weekend I took him home from work. We would trade off who bought what food on the way and we talked about anything we could think of. It became my favorite weekly routine.

how they asked

December 2016 Marcus told me that the following year we were going to Disney World. When we first started dating we had talked about going there one day, but pushed it to the side thinking it would never happen. Almost a year later we were finally going. I had each day planned out, and made it clear to him what the plan was. The morning of going to Magic Kingdom I mentioned to Marcus to bring the GoPro so we could take pictures in front of the castle without having to ask anyone. Didn’t think anything else of it, and finished getting ready. We walked through the gates and I kept telling him “let’s go on the ride first then come back to the castle.” But he kept on insisting we go see the castle first. I gave in, and happily walked over to it. While he set up the GoPro to “take selfies”, I was in awestruck of the castle. Next thing I know, he grabs my arm, turns me and I just knew in that moment he was going to propose. The look in his eyes were filled with love and nervousness. I couldn’t tell you exactly what all he said, but I can remember how many butterflies I was feeling. After talking for a minute, he swiftly grabbed something from his jacket pocket, got down on one knee and finally said the words I’ve been waiting three years to hear. After the excitement and many hugs, the sweetest lady came over and told us she photographed the whole thing. I still can’t believe we’re engaged, and moving towards a new chapter together. But I am so excited for it all…

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