Alyssa and Louis

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How We Met

Louis and I met working at an Easy Spirit shoe store. Louis was working there part-time to make some extra money and I got transferred there from another location to fill in for the manager who was on maternity leave. We has an instant chemistry but decided to be just friends and it wasn’t until a year later that we really started dating. It was a slow process but being friends first has made all the difference in our relationship.

how they asked

Around Thanksgiving Louis mentioned that his friends wanted to get together for a holiday dinner a few Sundays before christmas. I had a half day of work that morning so when I got home I was so concerned about trying to get ready so that we could leave for dinner that I had no time to suspect anything else. It was a very warm day for being early December, so when Louis suggested we stop really quick to take a picture on the way it seemed like a great idea. As he started driving up to Washington Rock I got a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach but tried not to get ahead of myself. As we started walking to the edge of the rock I saw our friend Sean holding a video camera and knew that this was not just a great photo op. Before I could register what was happening all of our friends and family (including mine, that drove four hours from Massachusetts) started coming around a corner. Louis’ brother walked over and handed him a little black box, he gave me a hug and Louis got down on one knee. “Will you marry me ?” I could barely speak but I nodded yes vigorously.

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