Alyssa and Levi

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How We Met

Almost 5 years ago we met at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It was truly love at first sight. Ever since that first day we met,we’ve talked every single day. We’ve been inseparable. The nights he’s at the fire station are the only nights we’ve really ever been away from eachother. We make eachother a better person, and push for eachother to always go after whatever dream they have. We have been by eachother side through everything. Every fire he goes into or any tough call that I have at the police department. We argue over whether police or fire are better weekly if not daily. We’re eachother’s best friend and other half.

how they asked

I’ve always wanted to go on a helicopter ride. He planned a surprise day. We got in the car and headed somewhere..which later I found out was Santa Cruz for a helicopter ride. It was the most amazing day in my life. We flew over the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where we first met. We landed and decided to take a walk at our favorite beach west cliff while waiting for dinner reservations. We started walking along the beach when we stopped to look at the beautiful view. Moments later I see him get down on one knees 5 years later and it’s Finnally happening. Of course I said yes and was the happiest girl on the planet. I’m Finnally marrying the man of my dreams, my fireman. <3

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