Alyssa and Kevin

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How We Met

It was the Summer before I started High School. My friends and I were hanging out at my house and my neighbor came over with his friend, Kevin. Naturally at 14 years old, I didn’t even acknowledge Kevin. I saw him as just a friend of a friend. I never even thought of having a boyfriend. I was so busy with sports and being with my best friends, boys were last on my list of interests. But, hanging out with everyone became a trend all Summer! Little did I know, Kevin had the biggest crush on me. Again, I wanted nothing to do with him and I’m sure I came off as such: a brat because I ignored him all of the time. He tried so hard but I wasn’t interested. Eventually, we began to talk on “AIM”. Back then, AOL instant messenger was the most popular form of communication. Gradually, over time we began to talk late into the night. I don’t even remember what about but eventually he asked me out, ONLINE! Who does that !? Now, thinking about it I was so mean. My response was NO and I told him I didn’t like him that way but Kevin clearly wasn’t discouraged.

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So, we kept hanging out with the same group of friends and eventually, high school started. We continued to talk and I grew to like him more and more. Kevin, very persistent, never gave up! He asked me out again in October. We went for a walk one night and this is what he said to me, ” Do you want to go bowling?” hahaha and from that point on, October 29th, 2005, we were pretty much inseparable! I’ll never forget when he asked me for my cell phone number that night and I had to tell him I didn’t have a cell phone. He was so upset that he would have to call my house if he wanted to talk to me. Cell phones weren’t so popular yet but even he only had a flip phone! He was just so shocked he’d have to call my house. Instead, we stuck to “AIM” and had our late night conversations on instant messenger so he wouldn’t chance having to talk to my parents! hahaha

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To add something hilarious, my mother was so against me having a boyfriend! So, we kept it a secret, until of course it wasn’t a secret anymore. When she found out she screamed at us both to get in the car ( as I’m hysterical crying) and she drove us to 7-eleven. The entire drive, she was lecturing both of us with all these rules about us dating. Now, looking back it’s just so funny that we kept it a secret. But, that drive was the most terrifying car ride I think the both of us have ever taken! Mrs. H doesn’t play around when she is angry!

We have been together for almost 13 years now. We’ve grown up together and have experienced so much. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

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how they asked

It was my 27th birthday and we had plans to go to dinner that night when we both got home from work. I am not the biggest birthday fan but Kevin always tries to make my birthday something special every year. Little did I know that this birthday was going to be the best one yet! I came home from work and my mom was cooking dinner but my cousin, Ericka surprised me with a visit. Me, completely clueless, I was thinking to myself, what a great surprise for my birthday! So, we start talking and catching up and not even 30 minutes later, my Titi Nora and Titi Melvyne show up at the house. Again, clueless as can be, I think nothing of this visit! I was just so excited to see everyone on my birthday. Kevin was rushing home from work so that we can make our dinner reservation. I was in my kitchen talking to everyone and they kept asking me what I was wearing to dinner and my response was ” this outfit”. Again, I don’t like birthdays, so to me, I was like whatever let me just wear this, who cares if I worked all day in this outfit. But, my sister Ryan, she is fierce; made me change into something else! I am so happy that she did. So, I change and get ready and Kevin shows up to go to dinner. We say goodbye to everyone and tell them we will be back for cake later.

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As we were walking out of the house, Kevin turned to me and said: “Hold my hand”. I looked at him thinking, why? Then, I thought to myself, Oh he probably just doesn’t want me to fall in these heels (I am very uncoordinated at times). So, he takes my hand and walks me down the steps to the sidewalk and after that, all I remember is tears of joy. Before, I knew it Kevin was on one knee asking me to marry him. I’ve never been so surprised in my life! I was hysterical crying and my family came running out the house. They all knew of course! My sister and her friends were kind enough to record and take pictures of the entire thing. I was in such shock that I didn’t even give him a response! I left him there on one knee and he said: “Can I have an answer?” I felt so bad but the happiness I felt was overwhelming. I thought this day would never come! We have been together for almost 13 years and at this moment I felt pure bliss.

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Kevin, isn’t always one for romance but anyone reading this is probably asking what makes the sidewalk in front of the house so special? When we were kids this is the exact place that Kevin asked me to go on that bowling date! This spot was also the same spot we had our first kiss, so LONG ago! Our first kiss was definitely one to remember. We were standing more towards the edge of the driveway and I had to go on my tippy toes to kiss him. Well, I fell in the process and ended up kissing his chin! HOW EMBARRASSING! We both laughed about it but before making another attempt at our first kiss, Kevin got on his one knee so that he could be closer to my height, just so we could have the perfect first kiss. At the time, it was so corny but so cute at the same time! It was definitely the perfect place to propose.

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The rest of the night was fantastic. We went to our favorite restaurant and enjoyed a great dinner ( although I couldn’t stomach any food!). When we came home, everyone was still at the house and Kevin’s family joined us for some celebratory cake and birthday celebrations. My 27th birthday will definitely be one to remember! I can’t wait to be Mrs. Long!

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