Alyssa and Joven

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How We Met

Joven and I had met through a mutual friend at a random get together. It was not until months after that we seen each other once more and reconnected. It all began that day with a clichè trip to the local movie theatres and an In N Out burger date afterwards. What I loved most about our first date was that it was real and simple! From the moment on and over time, our relationship began to grow from a friendship into a simple love story. Its crazy how timing works, and I am so lucky to have crossed paths with him!!!

how they asked

Finishing college was a goal I have been wanting to accomplish for many years. After many obstacles and struggles, I was able to achieve this goal and celebrate with a trip to Nassau, Bahamas! I knew the main purpose of this trip was to unwind and take a moment to enjoy this accomplishment. What I didn’t know…was that this trip would be the beginning of the rest of my life! On June 23, 2017, I woke up thinking that it would be a day of relaxation and a nice dinner at our resort. Joven, my boyfriend, decides to take me on a walk on the beach as we wait for our table to be ready for dinner. As I take my first few steps on the sand, I see rose pedals from a distance! I knew right then and there that he was up to something because he had told me to dress nice and do my hair for once. That never happens! He then went on about how lucky he was to have an opportunity to spend the rest of our lives together. He spent months planning and contacting vendors from out of country which I was very impressed by! He contacted vendors to set up a heart on the beach made out of rose pedals with candles lit in “Will You Marry Me?” I was in complete shock and so impressed with how he pulled this off because I see a photographer come out of no where! That day, I ended up saying YES to my now, Fiancè!

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