Alyssa and Joshua

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At our new home❤️

How We Met

Josh and I met at band camp in the summer of 2009 when I insulted his best friend about a set we were working on. We remained friends for 3 years before we started dating! We had planned a trip to Cedar Point for one weekend and Josh asked me out the weekend before that. After he asked me out he told me that he was going to ask me out on the top of the Millenium Force (because he knew it was my favorite roller coaster), but he couldn’t wait that long while it was very sweet, that was only the beginning of him ruining surprises lol.

Where to Propose in At our new home❤️

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our new home❤️

Alyssa and Joshua's Engagement in At our new home❤️

He always would be like “oh you’re going to love this surprise I have planned for you.” Whyyyyy would you even say that? lol. Luckily he legitimately kept the proposal a surprise lol. I would have been a little sad had he not and the rest is history! We are getting married in June 2020!

How They Asked

We met almost 9 years ago now when I insulted his best friend, at the time, at band camp. We started dating 3 years later though. Our living arrangements changed a few times. I lived at home with my mom, with my Nana, back to my mom’s, and then moved into his parent’s house. Finally, in April of 2018, we found a place of our own. This cute little house in Berkley, MI. We got to move in at the beginning of August! Previously smokers lived in the house, so for 2 1/2-3 months, we had a bunch of our friends and parents over to clean! We were here almost every day trying to get it done. Because of all of the help they had given us, I decided that it was only right we have a little party for them! We were literally putting some of the finishing touches on the morning of the party.

I had to run out right before the party started to pick up some knobs for our kitchen drawers and pick up my cousin’s kiddos that I watch, so I was also a smidge late to the party (nothing new). When I got there almost everyone was there and already hanging out. My mom had called me to run out and help her bring some stuff in. When I turned around to come back inside everyone was standing on our porch. I had a little suspicion, but was convinced it was not what I thought because we just bought a house, so there’s no way he would’ve been able to get a ring! When I got back up to the porch, he had a Harry Potter Box (one I had gotten previously from a loot crate) and he said, “oh what’s that?” I told him, “that’s from like 3 months ago!” And he said, “just open it.” I opened it to see the Blu-ray box collection of Harry Potter (which was mine) and a little black box. I opened the box and it was empty. By the time I had done all that, he was on one knee with a (golden)SNITCH ring box and asked me, “will you watch Harry Potter with me?” My response? “Can you ask me the real question already?” He asked if I would marry him and of course, I said yes!