Alyssa and Joseph

Alyssa and Joseph's Engagement in Shout House dueling piano bar

How We Met

I had just gotten a new job and was so nervous about being the new person in a huge big box retailer with 300 employees. I was running to the back of the store to get a different product from the freezer section and ran into Joey, an employee with many more years there than I so he definitely knew his way around, but of course did not make it that easy on me to find what I was looking for. Once we started to work together more and more many opportunities came up to hang out at night after our shifts with all the other workers and we just hit it off!

how they asked

Whenever Joey and I wanted to go out and have a great night we loved to go to our favorite spot the shouthouse dueling piano bar in down town San Diego. We went there for our first date, to celebrate our first anniversary and birthdays! So when we started to plan a night out the day before Memorial Day with all our friends I didn’t think anything of it! So we walk into the shout house and I see all of our friends in the corner in a reserved section. I was so excited to have a fun night! Right when we get in Joey always goes off to get all his friends in and organize the night so I just waited for the pianos to start. They started playing a few songs and then the piano player stops to bring up someone to sing to. They usually do this when someone is celebrating something special. I was shocked when he called up Joey and I to come dance! We get on the stage and he begins to play one of our favorite songs! It was awesome. We danced around for a bit and then Joey tells me to turn around. All my family and his family and close friends come out of a hallway in the restaurant and I turn back around as he’s getting down on his knee! I couldn’t believe it! He even secretly had my dad fly in from Texas. I was speechless. Most amazing moment in my life!

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