Alyssa and Jonathan

how they asked

The week of September 26 my mom sent me a nonchalant text about attending an anniversary dinner for my aunt and uncle (grandpa Alonzo’s brother) at an Italian restaurant I happened to love. I said OK, but was kinda questioning this. I was free Friday night and Jon had to work after all. He originally had off but told me he was covering a shift to help someone out. About Wednesday evening my cousin texted me the invite and details. I knew we were going to be getting wine bottles made up and personalized as a gift from the family. My aunt offered to pick me up since they had to drive by my place to take my cousin to football. Fat forward to Friday night. I leave work get showered and ready and luckily I dressed up a tad. My aunt and uncle grab me and as we are driving they are talking about my cousins and really throwing me off. We get close to Benmarl and I realize that we have to stop for the bottles because my mom could not get there in time.

My aunt asked me to come in to show her where to go to pick up the bottles so we go inside and I see an old familiar friend who works there and he asks if we’re getting a wine tasting. I gave him a puzzled look and said we were here to pick up a basket for a family party he then tells me that we have to go down to the celler to pick out what we like. At this point I still have no idea because everything was so nonchalant and made sense my aunt also mentioned she was stopping to use the bathroom. This threw me off and had me heading down the stairs to start looking at the baskets. As I start going down the stairs my boots are almost having me fall so I’m already shaken up. I get to the bottom and I am shocked because everyone yells surprise and out of the side door comes Jon who immediately gets on one knee and starts talking to me.

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My first reaction was to say why aren’t you at work then I realized he was about to be proposing to me. He’s all shaky and he tells me that he’s been wanting to ask me an important question with all of our friends and family around then from there he proposes and I said yes of course. The room is full of all of our closest friends and family and a photographer who went to HighSchool with me to capture the whole Moment in the Wine Cellar. Everyone was so happy and greeted us with warm hugs and well wishes and we went off to drink wine and take the most perfect photos in the winery in the drizzling rain. Memories I won’t forget in that rain. We followed with catered food at my mom’s house with everyone supporting us.

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Special Thanks

Tatiana Hitzel
 | Photographer