Alyssa and John

how we met

Like all good millennials, they met online! Alyssa picked Johnny because his profile said something about wanting to find a good sour beer in Georgia (she happened to be a professional on the subject). Their first date was at Krog Street Market in Atlanta (her favorite sour brewery was closed that day), but Krog had a nice variety of things to choose from and facilitated what became a marathon date – First beer, then sushi, then ice-cream. A strange combo, but they just wanted any excuse to spend more time together!

how they asked

Alyssa was on night shift at the hospital, which gave Johnny plenty of time to plan out the big day. Wanting to make it a surprise, naturally, Johnny asked Alyssa if she was available for a surprise date on Friday or Saturday (she picked Friday). She told her friends that he was planning a “surprise” date that she knew about, and they all insisted that he was going to pop the question, so she needed to get her nails done! Not wanting to jinx it, she passed on the nail salon. When the time for the surprise date came, Johnny casually let her know that she might want to bring a second pair of more rugged shoes (the plan was to go out to dinner…). Alyssa’s suspicions continued to rise as they drove to the Torrey Pines Gliderport to watch the sunset. Ever prepared, Johnny broke out a backpack (not weird!) and they walked off to find a spot to enjoy the view. Johnny had packed some beers to enjoy and then suggested they set up a camera on a tripod to take some pictures. He got it set up, slyly switched it in video mode, and then got down on one knee and popped the question! She said “About time!!”

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