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How We Met

ONCE UPON A TIME We are college sweethearts, Ole Miss sweethearts, to be exact. At 18 years old, Jay Dee was actually the first boy I met in Oxford, and I the first girl he met, the very first weekend we got there, before classes even started. My older brother, Stephen, and his older cousin, Mike, were fraternity brothers and friends at Ole Miss and introduced us so we each had a new friend in school since we both came from pretty far hometowns. (Thanks Stephen and Mike, we owe y’all one)! We did not officially get together until our second semester, when Jay Dee came back to school with a fresh new hair cut and I could actually see his handsome face under all of that hair! (I later taught him how to rock his hair pulled back when he grew it long again, so that I could always see that sweet face). We saw each other out a couple of times at the beginning of the second semester, one weekend my family came to town to see me and I invited him out to grab drinks with us and some friends of mine at a restaurant on the square.

I am a daddy’s girl through and through and Jay Dee must have picked up on that because he spent the whole night hanging out with my dad and getting to know him! I remember thinking “okay, I invited this guy here and he isn’t even talking to me, he is only hitting it off with my dad!” Which later Jay Dee would inform me that he knew he was going to pursue me and wanted to make sure he was in good graces with the old man before he did, adorable! And when it came to him having a date party and needing a date, I was the lucky choice! And, y’all.. this is when I fell in love! We went to the date party in Memphis, and the entire night, I was in stitches from laughing so hard, and to this day, no one makes me laugh quite like, or as often as he does! So I always say that was the night I fell in love with his sense of humor, and his dashingly good looks didn’t hurt either ;) After that night, we were inseparable. Summer and Winter breaks were the worst for us. In quaint little Oxford, Mississippi, you can only live about five minutes from someone even if you live on opposite ends of town.

So we went from being just a short five minutes away to the dreaded long distance (which we are professionals at by now). We would visit each other as much as we could during the breaks, but we were always pretty excited to get back to school and be together all the time again! It was so nice having my person there all four years of college, he always looked out for me and I always looked out for him. After graduation, he went back to Bradenton and I went back to Savannah, and unfortunately, the long distance was our only choice for a little while. It took us by total surprise when he was asked to move out to Houston, Texas to manage his family’s yachting company there last year, but we saw it as an adventure and are super excited about the big move!

Texas is not home for either of us, which makes the move pretty hard, but we always remind each other “if we’re together, we will make a home anywhere” and both of us being from such close families, we know they will always come visit us. However, this meant that for now our distance would go from Georgia to Florida, to Georgia to Texas, not exactly just a six hour drive. As of recently I was given the opportunity to become the yacht interior designer for the same company, which I absolutely love, so work does allow us to travel all over together, which is incredible and we feel so blessed to get to do that. Our relationship mostly consists of ecstatic hellos and dreaded goodbyes in the Atlanta airport, but hey, at least that means we are seeing the world together!

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how they asked

After six years together, Jay Dee decided it was time to pop the question! He somehow managed to fly from Houston to Savannah without me even knowing he came to town and had my family tell me we were going to grab a nice dinner downtown (thank goodness, or else I would have probably been in jeans and a flannel and most likely zero makeup). My family is rushing me like crazy to get ready and out of the house because “we were going to be late for our reservations!” which those of you who know us know that surely we have been late to a reservation before.

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So I was a little caught off guard by their urgency but really did not think anything of it. On the way to the restaurant we rode by The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which is where I have always known I would get married, it is a very special place to us, everyone in my family has gotten married there and it is where I have had many of my life’s milestones. Standing on The Cathedral steps was my sweet boyfriend (keep in mind, I had no clue he was even in Savannah), and since I was under such an impression still that we are so late for our dinner reservations, I looked at my dad who was driving me and asked him ” Can I get out?!”

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Which he laughed and of course allowed. I thought since they were being so crazy about these dinner reservations I was about to just have to roll down the window and shout to him “we’re running really late for dinner, meet us at the Pink House!” Finally realizing there were no reservations to be running late for, I got out of the car and walked up the stairs to the front of The Cathedral where the railings where draped with gorgeous greenery and rose petals covered the ground- totally Bachelor-esque.

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Jay Dee stood there with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in hand and apparently a ring in his jacket pocket and asked me my favorite question.

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But not before, pulling out a piece of colorful red paper telling me he would like to cash in a coupon from a homemade coupon book I made him that he had saved from our first Valentines Day together, when we were just 18 years old.

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The coupon read “I will say yes to anything you ask me to do” of course, with no expiration date, (which now thinking about it, maybe I should have put one ;)) so how could I possibly say no. Then all of a sudden our families started pouring out from everywhere to celebrate with us! It was an absolute fairy-tale. So long story long (apparently), girl from Georgia, boy from Florida, met at school in Mississippi and are moving out to Texas to spend happily ever after together! After six years, we could not be more excited to begin our lives together as husband and wife!

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