Alyssa and James

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How We Met

Jimmy and I met in Kindergarten in 2001. We were friends all throughout school. We became really good friends after we were both 18 and decided to give a relationship a shot.

how they asked

We were on a cruise his mom had planned for the family with 21 of our closest friends. Sadly, mom had passed away a few months before the trip. All of us were missing a big part of our hearts boarding the ship.

We had so many meetings prior to the cruise to figure out what we were going to do for shore excursions. Judy had suggested we do a scavenger hunt on the ship. After formal night on the boat, it was time to do the hunt. We ran all around that cruise ship and when our team had won, we went back to the room to claim the prize.

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We had divided the teams boys versus girls. The boys had already made it back to the room before us. Thats when Judy told me I could find Jimmy on the balcony. When I went back there he was standing in his suit which he had just changed out of prior to starting the hunt. I walked up to him and fell to my knees when he dropped down on one. I had never felt so overwhelmed with happiness in my life.

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