Alyssa and Ian

Image 5 of Alyssa and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I met on an online dating site. He made the first move and messaged me, where I then left him on “read.” After about 2 weeks, I figured I’d give it a shot and message back. The conversation seemed so easy for us… between his humor and my sarcasm, there was rarely a dull moment.

After a couple of weeks of getting to know one another, we decided to meet in person. Ian booked reservations at Valentino’s restaurant in Stoney Creek. I was soooo incredibly nervous!

Will he look like his photos?! Will he like me in person?! What if I get food in my teeth?!

Before meeting at the restaurant, I had asked Ian for more photos of himself, as he only had a select few on his profile page. Those of you that know Ian, know that he took full advantage of this request and sent me the best version of himself. (Please see attached photo)

YES. Yes, that’s the photo he sent a woman who he was hours away from meeting for the first time. And for some unknown reason… I still went. HAHA!! *my mom said “he clearly has a great sense of humor*

I arrived at the restaurant and sent Ian a text letting him know that I was there. He was there too. Eeeeek!! He told me to walk to the doors and he would meet me there.

As I nervously walked over, I saw him. This tall, rugged man, with the most genuine smile and softest eyes. We greeted one another with an awkward hug and went in for dinner.

We talked and laughed and laughed and talked and both fell in complete “awe.” Of course, I played it cool. After dinner, neither of us wanted to end the night, so we grabbed a coffee and went for a drive around the city.

When the night came to an end, Ian was very respectful. He thanked me for a wonderful night and gave me a hug. I look at him disappointedly… “So are you gonna kiss me or not?”

How They Asked

It was our 2 year anniversary and originally Ian had made reservations at Valentino’s, where we first met. Due to weather, Valentino’s had to cancel their reservations which left Ian in a panic.

1 year prior (on our 1 year anniversary), Ian opened the door for me as I arrived for the first time at our new home <3 so, as I arrived home on our 2 year anniversary, I again was greeted at the door by Ian.

When he opened the door I immediately noticed he was dressed up. Those that know Ian, know this meant something special must be happening. He grabbed my purse and put it down for me. Then gave me a hug and a kiss and said “Happy Anniversary, Baby. I have a question to ask you.”

Clueless me is thinking he’s going to ask where I want to go for dinner.

He then holds his hands behind his back, a huge smile on his face, then knelt down on one knee and pulled out a ring. “Alyssa, Will you marry me?”

Complete shock… COMPLETE SHOCK! I was speechless! I feel terrible now, but I’m pretty sure I stood there for a solid minute, hands over my mouth, eyes wide open just staring at him.

Image 2 of Alyssa and Ian

Image 3 of Alyssa and Ian

“Are you seriously asking me this right now?! For real?? This is for real??”

“Yes, Alyssa. I’m asking you to be my wife. Will you marry me?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I then spent the next hour walking around the house randomly making noises like “whew, omg, wow, okay, woo.”


Image 4 of Alyssa and Ian