Alyssa and Hunter

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Clinton, North Carolina

How We Met

On January 4th, 2013 I went out for some drinks with my girlfriends at a local bar called the Big Easy in Raleigh, North Carolina. At the time I was a senior in college at North Carolina State University. While enjoying my drink a very handsome young man knelt beside my table and asked for my name. He introduced himself as Hunter and we immediately connected. We chatted for hours about how he played for the NCSU golf team, my passion for education, and our mutual love for dancing and sailing. At the end of the night we separated ways without exchanging numbers and I was devastated! I didn’t even know his last name!! But not to worry, I immediately put my social media (stalking) skills to work and googled the roster to the NCSU golf team and there he was…last name and all! Through Facebook I was able to reach out to Hunter and we were able to exchange numbers…don’t you just love the power of social media?! And although Hunter and I did not start dating until two years later, we both always knew that when we were ready to settle down that we would be together. In October of 2015 Hunter and I decided that we were finally ready to be in a relationship. We fell in love shagging to beach music (our favorite) and we haven’t stopped dancing since!

how they asked

Hunter and I enjoy celebrating holidays together so each year we rotate which family we visit during Thanksgiving. This year we spent Thanksgiving with Hunter’s family in Clinton, North Carolina. The morning started early because Hunter’s mom wanted to take a Christmas card photo before the holiday festivities began. After getting ready, Hunter and I made our way outside to enjoy our morning beverages by the warm fire. I do not drink coffee so Hunter prepared my favorite drink, peppermint hot chocolate!

Alyssa and Hunter's Engagement in Clinton, North Carolina

When I saw the mug and whip cream detail I immediately snapped a pictured because I wanted to post it on Instagram later..ha! Oblivious to the spoon, I enjoyed my drink and chatted with Hunter for about 10 minutes until he couldn’t stand it anymore! He said to me “If the spoon is in your way you can take it out” and it was at that time that I noticed the spoon had been engraved to say “Will you marry me”. Before I could even register what was happening, Hunter got down on one knee and proposed!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Clinton, North Carolina