Alyssa and Harrison

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How We Met

Harry and I grew up in the same Southern California town and have known each other for most of our lives. However, we really became friends in high school, through our church youth group. I was a junior at an all-girls school and Harry was a senior at my brother’s school. In the spring of 2013, I had track and field practice at his high school each day, while Harry had soccer practice on the same field. Yet even after the soccer season ended…

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Harry was somehow still waiting around for track and field practice to start and would greet me with a smile or a snack (the real way to my heart). Our first real date was ice skating together and soon after, Harry took me to his senior promspelling it out in donuts for his “promposal.” We both went off to different colleges, but after 4 years of long-distance dating, Harry graduated and moved to LA. I can truly say that Harry has been my best friend for the past 8 years and will be forevermore!

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How They Asked

Harry and I love exploring new restaurants throughout LA and are huge foodies. Harry made a reservation at Geoffrey’s, a restaurant in Malibu, that we had been wanting to try, and told me to make sure I was free that evening. I got all dressed up for the date night and Harry picked me up, bringing flowers and SusieCakes as a gift for what he knew would be a very special date.

On the drive up the coast, Harry mentioned, “Oh… our reservation is later than I thought. Why don’t we just drive to Point Dume and hang out until it’s time.” So we parked at the beach to enjoy the sunset while waiting for dinner.

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Now, when Harry was adamant that they should hike to the top of Point Dumeeven though I pointed out that I was in a dressI started to catch on. We took the short hike to the top and caught our breath. After a few minutes of staring at the waves, Harry asked if he could read a letter he wrote. Now, Harry has written me many letters over the past 7 years that we’ve been together. But let’s just say, this one was very very special. At the end of the letter, Harry said, “I just have one question for you.” He got down on one knee and popped the question and my answer was a million times yes! Our good friend was hiding in the bushes to capture the whole thing.

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As I was asking Harry when I could call my parents, Harry pointed to the beach where all four of our parents were all waiting and cheering with a big CONGRATULATIONS sign! All 6 of us did get to make that reservation at Geoffrey’s, parents included! Harry and I are both very close with our parents and it was so special that they were there.

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After postponing our wedding due to the pandemic, we will finally get to tie the knot this summer!

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Special Thanks

Kyle Kearney
 | Photographer