Alyssa and Gavin's Romantic Hiking Proposal

how we met – by the groom

Me and Alyssa met back in Stansbury High School over five years ago. We knew of each other before that, but never talked. I remember seeing her in my history class and always thinking how beautiful she was. One day, I had a mutual friend come up to me and told me that he gave her my number! So I sent her a text that night and asked if she would want to go to the basketball game with me on Friday. Ever since then we have connected so well and have had so many amazing memories together.

how we met – by the bride

I officially met Gavin at Stansbury High School in 2010. We had history class together our freshmen year but we never talked. Our mutual friend gave us each other’s phone numbers because Gavin thought I was so pretty. We started to hang out in school and he asked me to be his girlfriend after only a week or so. He made me really nervous and gave me so many butterflies in the beginning and I’ll never forget those feelings. It might sound silly to say because we were only 15 year old kids when we got together, but what I mostly remember is how hard I fell in love with him. He very quickly became my best friend and the person that I wanted to spend all of my time with.

Hiking Proposal Idea (1)

how they asked – by the groom

So I wanted to do something very special and unique for my proposal. I started thinking and planning it with my dad. My dad does a lot of trail running so he suggested maybe taking her up to a secluded running trail he has been on up Timpanogas canyon. I thought this was an amazing idea so we went for it and started planning. I also wanted to capture every moment of it. That’s where Tyson came in, I met Tyson and was instantly in love with his work. I knew he would make that moment so special on camera. So after I got everything planned I had my parents and family hike up a table and some cherries and sweets for us.

I was so nervous but so ready to be engaged to Alyssa. When we got up there it was an amazing 360 view of the gorgeous mountains. I brought her over to the table as my heart was racing. I knew I had one shot and I had to make it special for her. So once we sat down and started talking I was so eager that I stood up, hands shaking. And asked that beautiful lady to be my wife. I’m so happy and excited for what the future holds for us.

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how they asked – by the bride

Gavin had planned a hike for us to go on in American Fork Canyon. His Dad told him about secluded hiking trail that lead to a very beautiful view. On our way to the canyon, his Dad texted him letting him know that he read somewhere on the internet that the canyon was closed due to an accident. Hearing that news we decided to turn around and go back home to Tooele. Gavin was trying to not let me see that he was really upset about the fact that we were not going on the hike anymore. We had passed Eagle Mountain when his Dad texted him again letting him know that the Canyon was now open. He asked me to turn around so that we could still go on this hike that was obviously very important to him. By then I really had my suspicions, especially because we were so far away from the canyon and he still wanted to turn around. The hike was very steep and I don’t hike very often so Gavin had to cheer me on as we went up the trail. Finally making it to the top I was distracted by the beautiful view that we arrived at and also the fact that I could catch my breath. I didn’t see at first that off to the side there was a table and two chairs, lights strung from the trees, and sparkling cider and cherries waiting for us. Gavin had to pull me a little further before I could see what he had set up for us. I knew then what was probably going to happen and the tears started in. We sat down for a second or two. Gavin was so nervous and I don’t think he wanted to wait any longer. He stood me up and got down on his knee. He told me that he loved me and he asked me to marry him. I said yes and I couldn’t believe it! I had hoped for that moment for a really long time. I was so grateful and excited. Words cannot really describe the way that you feel when the love of your life finally asks you to be with them forever. After all of the commotion I realized that the whole thing had been recorded by Tyson Henderson. Gavin hired him to capture that moment and I am so happy he did. His family came out from hiding in the bushes. They had hiked up all of the lights, the table and chairs, and the food that was waiting for us. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I would not change any part of it. Tyson made the most beautiful video for us to keep forever and I will always be grateful to have it.

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