Alyssa and Eric

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How We Met

I met Eric online in September of 2015. We had both gotten out of Very poisonous relationships the year before. The kind you just keep going back to even when you know it’s not what’s right for you and you deserve so much more. I didn’t think any relationship would ever work out for me as I was still dealing with a lot of the trust issues my previous relationship left on me.But, as the old mantra says, when you stop looking for love, it will find you. The first words Eric ever wrote to me were about the Ohio State Buckeyes. I believe his opening line was something along the effect of “I love the Buckeyes also so I feel like we could have something to talk about.” It was true. We had no trouble keeping up a conversation, especially about our beloved Buckeye football. We talked for a few weeks and then met up for our first date at Magic Mountain to play putt. I won, of course. ? we talked about Ohio State football, how much we both love summer and the beach, and my love for AC/DC!

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From that date on I don’t think we’ve been apart for more than three days at a time. He is one of the most caring men that I’ve ever had the pleasure of having in my life. I have never had to doubt his love for me. He lets me be myself, even when I have mascara running underneath my eyes, a messy bun and my same harry potter shirt on. He’s never made me feel that he would want me any other way than the way that I am. I feel very fortunate that I found his kind of love. His love has shown through all the way up to Him choosing the perfect proposal. He asked me to marry him on the bridge in front of Hogwarts castle at Wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It’s crazy to think that I have the kind of love I Envied so many others for just a few years ago. We are now planning a “ perfect for us “ beach wedding to incorporate yet another thing we both love deeply. And so, The magic continues…

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how they asked

we went to visit my family in Florida. we were planning to only go to the parks one day but Eric and my sister Bethany had suggested going on the first full day we were there as well.(i found out why later). I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd so of course, I was wanting to do another day! We went to the park but Eric & my sister kept suggesting we go back to the bridge in front of Hogwarts castle(my favorite!!) and take pictures.

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I thought it was a bit strange but we went back a few times and took pictures(i found out later that he was so nervous he kept deciding to wait and do it later). Then, about halfway through the day, he asked a worker to take our picture in front of the castle. I was turned around and looking at the castle, when I turned around he was getting on one knee?

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Special Thanks

Bethany Barnett
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