Alyssa and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met at a local bar in Indianapolis a few summers ago. I had moved to the area recently from another state and was anxious to meet new people. We started to get to know each other and discovered we had a lot more in common than we thought. We work in the same industry, enjoy traveling, spontaneous adventures, country music/concerts, and of course, a never ending love for dogs.

When he asked me out on a second date and brought his dog, Leila, it totally sealed the deal. From there, we have explored many new cities, went to too many concerts to count, and fell deeply in love with each other.

how they asked

Daniel and I were traveling to the Bahamas to meet up with my parents and brother for our annual spring family trip.The first night there, my family told me we had a dinner reservation close by and needed to be dressed and ready by 7 o’clock. After almost an hour of very odd stalling, we arrived at the restaurant and my parents told me we were still too early for our table. They said we should walk around the area, since it was a beautiful hotel we hadn’t visited before. After walking a short time, my brother “had to go to the bathroom”, so my parents suggested Daniel and I scope out a nice picture spot while they waited for my brother.

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Daniel told me he recognized a garden close by because he read about the filming of a James Bond movie there. As we walked up to the most beautiful gardens, a photographer was snapping pictures of the area. I stopped to get out of his way, but he convinced me I wasn’t. He said he was just taking pictures of the set up of a wedding that ended minutes before (which was technically true, as the wedding running late was the reason behind the hour stalling before dinner, which Daniel says was the most stressful time of his life.)

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As we continued to walk to a picturesque gazebo with an ocean backdrop, I spotted several pictures sticking out of the ground of Daniel and I’s adventures. In the end, two covered pictures were up against the gazebo. I immediately figured out what was going on. As tears streamed down my face, Daniel led me to the first covered picture, which was a star alignment of the sky the first night we met. Then he led me to the second picture which was our dog, Leila, holding a sign reading “please say yes Mom!”. As I uncovered the picture and read Leila’s message, Daniel got down on one knee and proposed, but the story did not end there!

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After a big “YES” and wiping away more tears, Daniel’s Mother, Father, & Grandparents popped out from the woods and walked down the path with my family to surprise me. The photographer was indeed there for the proposal and captured the entire play by play of the most perfect moment. The night ended with us finally making it to our dinner reservations for an engagement celebration with both families.

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