Alyssa and Connor

Image 1 of Alyssa and Connor

How We Met

Connor and I went to the same University. We had many mutual friends and hung out with similar crowds, but rarely hung out with one another. About a year after graduation we connected on Facebook. Alyssa was being a creeper and messaged Connor to try and get a conversation started. About a month later, the relationship was official. As the relationship grew, both of us knew we would be married one day. It became something that we regularly talked about. We both knew it would happen eventually -without a doubt, we were IT for each other.

how they asked

Connor was very clever about asking. For our anniversary we had planned to stay home, smoke a brisket, have a few close friends over, and enjoy the evening with the people we loved most. Before anyone arrived, Connor gave me a very sweet gift – he “adopted” my pup, Cowboy, as his own with an “official” document. In the picture we took right after, he is actually hiding the ring behind my head. I had no idea a proposal was coming – I assumed we would be waiting at least year. Shortly after the gift exchange the two of us went outside to check the brisket… Connor was acting strange and kept mentioning how he couldn’t wait to be married and that he had wished the timing was right for us. Then he stopped, became very serious, and said “You know you are my best friend, right?” To which I replied “you know you aren’t best friend too, right? Are you okay?” He answered by holding out his hand and slowly opening his closed fist… to reveal the ring he had chosen for me. I began to cry and Connor began telling me how he had been planning this for a long time and had just been waiting for the right time to ask. He stated he didn’t want to wait any more and asked me to be his wife. After many tears of joy and lots of laughing, we went back inside to enjoy the engagement party he had been planning for the two of us.