Alyssa and Christopher

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How We Met

I had decided to take a break from dating when my mom’s friends came over to our house for wine night. One of her friends told me she had a single cousin. I told her I was over the disappointment I was feeling in the dating world and that I was taking a break. She said just give it a try and if nothing happens then you’ll have a new friend in the neighborhood.

She ran into her Aunt a few days later and got her cousins cell number. She texted him my number and a little information about me. Shortly after I got a text from her cousin named Chris. He asked if I would like to hang out sometime and we made plans for the following week.

I had no idea what he looked like, how old he was, or anything. I figured if it didn’t work atleast it would be a good story.

Our first date lasted 8 hours. We ate lunch and dinner together and took a walk on the beach. Chris was so different from any other guy I had gone out with. He had so many hobbies and so many skills. I noticed he was much more introverted than I was but the more comfortable he got the more he opened up.

After 3 dates he had to leave to serve in the Army Reserves to help put out wildfires in Northern California. He was gone for a month. We talked everyday, more so as friends( he hadn’t kissed me yet) but I found myself missing him.

When he got back home he was only home for a week before he had to go back for another month. And in that week things went from a friendship to a potential relationship. That time he left I missed him dearly.

Once he got back again it was pretty much set in stone we were a couple. We clicked so well, we were so different but still found we were a lot alike. We moved in together after a year of dating and after a year and a half together Chris asked me to marry him. I had known after 4 months together that I wanted to marry him. Loving him was so easy, he brought me so much peace and so much happiness. He made me feel love like never before.

how they asked

Our first Valentine’s day together we went to a pop up dinner. The company is called Forks and Vinyl and is owned by one of Chris’s friends. She does these amazing pop up dinner that are multi coursed that pair with a drink and with a song. The theme for the Valentine’s day dinner was of course “Falling in Love”. We enjoyed some great food, great drinks and great music. We starred at eachother in the candle light all night and just felt so deeply in love.

When Valentine’s day came around again we knew we wanted to go to another dinner. That years theme was “A love to call our own” which was more about being in love. Once we finished our meal a photographer was there to take portraits of the couples. We got in line to take photos and when it was our turn Chris got down on one knee. I was so surprised and so happy!

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