Alyssa and Charlie

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How We Met

Charlie and I met sophomore year of college through a mutual friend(s). I say friend(s) because it is an ongoing debate of which friend actually played the match maker role. The night we met, we bonded over sports and our fantasy football teams. Weeks later, I found out he referred to me as “fantasy girl” after that. We went on to have create this easy-going relationship that fell into place and didn’t require much work. Not that we don’t occasionally fight, but never to the point where we sacrifice a part of ourselves in doing so. We moved into an apartment together three years ago in Philadelphia with the intention of “only staying one year”. That’s right – I said three years ago. We came to realize we were having too much fun “doing life” together in the city.

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how they asked

When we moved to Philadelphia, we stumbled upon and often visited a hidden gem called Graffiti Pier. The pier consists of endless graffiti art and views of the Delaware waterfront. One Sunday in October, Charlie asked if I wanted to take a walk to their pier. Little did I know that he and my best friend had just hours earlier painted what would become the best piece of art I will ever see. So we walk to the pier and as usual admire all of the graffiti and views. As I glance up mid walk, I see “Will you Marry Me Alyssa?” graffitied on the large concrete wall in front of me. Because Charlie was being so calm and collected I thought maybe this isn’t for me, maybe it’s a coincidence. But seconds later, Charlie got down on one knew and asked me to grow old with him. At this point, hoards of people start cheering and running towards us. Once I snapped back to reality, I saw he had invited my family & friends and his family to take part in our special day.

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