Alyssa and Chad

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How We Met

Chad and I met at Marist College in August 2012. He was a cute senior on the football team, and I was a sophomore, somewhat intimidated by his charismatic nature and flirty charm. We had both ended up in an 8 am psychology class that neither of us really needed to take as business majors. On the first day of class, I took a seat in the back and instead of sitting facing the chalkboard as most students do, Chad sat facing me the entire class. I remember thinking “please stop looking at me, it is too early for this!!” From then on, we would chat during class, laugh when we weren’t supposed to and attempt to study together for tests. For our first study date, we met at the library and realized we had a lot more in common than we had thought – he was from Syracuse, NY while I grew up in Utica, only 45 minutes apart and turns out our families had mutual connections. We ended with sushi from the campus dining store and I think I knew then I was in love.

how they asked

A few weeks ago, I flew up to New York City anticipating a birthday celebration for my best friend. We had plans to go to brunch in Central Park with a bunch of our other girlfriends and would continue on the night from there. We even stayed in on Friday night so that we could “be well rested” for the birthday festivities…so I thought. On Saturday, March 10th, we spent the morning getting our nails done and having a dance party while getting ready.

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Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me since these were my girlfriends since childhood and this is what we typically would do. As we walked through Central Park to brunch, I complained that my feet hurt, I was hungry, the works. My friends led me through a crowd and then stopped and motioned for me to come over, which I thought was to take a picture.

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As my friends stepped out of the way, I saw a huge bouquet of roses with a card with my name on it. I thought Chad was staying in Charlotte for the weekend but quickly realized the card was his handwriting. As I opened the card, I started reading about our journey together, from the moment Chad saw me in the psychology class through our 5 years of dating to this moment in Central Park.

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I turned around and found Chad behind me grinning from ear to ear – I truly think I blacked out from the shock! Chad said some words and then slowly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, in which I scream “yes, yes, yes” and kissed him before he could even stand up!

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At that point, a crowd had formed, some people who had watched Chad set the flowers and had waited for my arrival and some that had just walked by at that moment and saw the proposal. Chad then pointed to a bridge where both of our families were watching from afar! Everyone rushed over to congratulate us – Chad even had a photographer there to capture some special pictures.

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Special Thanks

John Scialdone
 | Photographer