Alyssa and Brian

How We Met

Brian and Alyssa met at the restaurant where he worked. Her friends had got her to come out for late night appetizers after she got off work herself. Her friends had known Brian, so they sat at his table. Alyssa and Brian were friends from the start. Eventually they decided to go on a date. They went to the Cheesecake Factory for their first date, where an elderly woman told them “You guys are so cute. You are going to have a lifetime of happiness.”

how they asked

Alyssa decided to study abroad in Spain. It was very challenging being away from Brian, so he decided he would come for a visit. He planned to come to Malaga during Thanksgiving break. He planned out a day to get couples photos done as a surprise at the botanical gardens. Of course Alyssa, had been nosey and asking a lot of questions about the “surprise”. Eventually Brian told her to be prepared to get pictures taken. The next day they went to get their couples photos taken at the botanical gardens. At the end of the photo session, Alyssa and Brian were walking towards the exit. There was a gorgeous bridge with a waterfall behind it. In the waterfall there was a rainbow! Alyssa was pointing to the rainbow to get Brian’s attention. When she turned around, Brian was on one knee! He froze up and was unable to speak.Eventually he got the will you marry me out, and Alyssa handed him the ring out of the box to put on her finger!  The photographer from afar was taking photos the entire time.

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