Alyssa and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I first met at a hidden speakeasy in Pittsburgh, where we got to know each over a glass of scotch on the rocks (scotch tasting is a huge passion of ours!) I immediately realized that Brian was different from other guys – devastatingly handsome (seriously, his looks could rival Don Draper’s!) but incredibly down to earth, wicked smart, and best of all – quirky like me. From there we discovered our mutual love of the outdoors, tasting menus, and spontaneous activities (we often like to plan surprise nights for each other).

how they asked

Fast forward to our 4 year anniversary, when I woke up to a handwritten poem from Brian telling me to pack my bags for a surprise vacation… and that we were leaving that night! (He thought of everything – even asked my boss to clear my schedule while we were away!) I had no idea where we were going, just that it was somewhere warm. When we got to the airport, he let me print out my boarding pass, where I learned we were headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

As we pulled up to the all-inclusive Royalton Resort, my proposal radar wasn’t going off just yet – after all, the vacation began on our anniversary and would end on my birthday – both of which were enough to justify a trip to me (especially since we frequently plan surprises for one another). The next morning after breakfast, Brian and I took out a little sailboat on the clear blue water (sailing is another passion of ours!) After a few minutes of cruising we were getting a little too close to shore, and I warned Brian that we needed to steer clear or we’d hit something – when all of a sudden he whipped around on one knee, holding out a huge ring box and asked me to be his wife! I was so taken off-guard that I asked “Really?!” twice before I said yes!

Alyssa's Proposal in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Afterward, it turns out that when Brian had mentioned that he “wasn’t feeling very well” after breakfast, he used the time to talk to a resort photographer and come up with a signal for him to start taking pictures. Apparently, we walked right past him on the beach – I was totally oblivious! Brian also tied the ring to the ring box with fishing line to ensure it wouldn’t be lost at sea in the case I overreact and drop it into the ocean!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

We then had 4 blissful days in Dominican Republic paradise to bask in the glory of our engagement. I could not ask for a better way to begin the next chapter of our life!

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