Alyssa and Brendon

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pier Village, Long Branch NJ

How We Met

Brendon and I met 9 years ago during our senior year of high school. He played baseball and I was a dancer, so our friend groups did not cross paths earlier on. We sat next to each other in homeroom (since we sat in alphabetical order), and often got caught up in discussions of food and music (especially his love for Beyonce). Little did we know that something so small as our assigned seating arrangement would actually have a lifelong impact.

how they asked

In high school, Brendon and I went on our first date at Pier Village Beach in Long Branch NJ. It was a cold day in March, but he knew the beach was my favorite place to go! We walked the boardwalk in our high school varsity jackets and the connection started instantly. Fast forward nine years later, Brendon suggested we go back to Pier Village for our anniversary to reminisce our first date (this was nothing out of the ordinary since we live by the beach and go frequently). Of course, it was another cold day in March so we bundled up and drove down to the beach. We walked up on the boardwalk and underneath the archways, I noticed a white towel on the floor (nothing out of ordinary for the beach!). As we got closer, the design on the towel became more clear. As I began to read “Alyssa, will you marry me”, Brendon took my hand and asked me himself! A moment later, our siblings approached us after hiding underneath the boardwalk to witness the proposal! We then went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in Red Bank to find 40 of our friends and family waiting for us to celebrate! Brendon knew that I would love nothing more than to celebrate with all of our loved ones, which was the icing on the cake for a perfect day!

Alyssa and Brendon's Engagement in Pier Village, Long Branch NJ

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