Alyssa and Brendan

how we met

Alyssa and Brendan met all the way back in 2004 when the two were in kindergarten. One time while in second grade, Brendan told his mom that he liked Alyssa because “she barely talks.” Boy have things changed. When the two were entering junior high, Brendan took a short break from the private school, and he was home schooled. Two years later, and they were entering their freshman year of high school. At that time, Brendan came back to school, and Alyssa left and went to Fraser. The two never saw each other or spoke again, until one night, Alyssa had a dream with Brendan in it. The next morning she jokingly told her dad that she was going to marry Brendan one day. That night, she decided to send Brendan a message not thinking anything would happen. He messaged her back, and they talked all night and day. One thing Brendan said jokingly to impress her was that he could do the worm. Alyssa laughed! How could she not like a guy who has wicked dance moves like herself. They continued to talk and laugh over text and started to develop a relationship. Less than a week later Brendan asked her out on their first date.

how they asked

I got home from work one Friday afternoon, and started getting ready to head to Brendan’s house. My mom and sister were harassing me about what outfit I had on, and how my hair/makeup looked. I originally had on a flannel and leggings, but they told me to change. When I stated that she was just going to Brendan’s and worship practice and didn’t need to change, they told me the flannel didn’t look good. I finally changed into something a little better, and then fixed my hair and makeup. When I got to Brendan’s we ate dinner and went to practice. I thought it was going to be just an average practice. Once practice was over, Brendan expressed that his brother forgot something in a back room at the church, and he had to grab it for him. Brendan asked me if I would go with him, so I did. As we were walking down the hallway, Brendan grabbed my hand and told me that he loved me. When we got to the room, he slowly opened the door. It was so dark. Then I saw little bags lit up on a decorated table saying, “Will you marry me?” I was speechless! I couldn’t say anything, I stood there in shock with tears rolling down my face. Brendan got down on one knee, with the ring in his hand saying, “Alyssa, will you marry me?” I responded by nodding my head up and down, then saying yes. Brendan put the ring on my finger, and then we walked closer to the table, so I could see everything. Brendan had planned every detail out. He made sure my friends and family were there, and he even decided what font to use on the bags too. I love ceramic pottery with words on it made by Rae Dunn, so he used the same font that Rae Dunn uses for all her items. He also got me over one hundred mini roses. After all the commotion died down, we went to celebrate. Our family and close friends went to dessert. It was the perfect night. I had no idea that on February 15th, 2019 my life would be changed forever.

Special Thanks

Mike Staff Productions
 | Photography
Meadowbrook Hall
 | Venue