Alyssa and Brandon

How We Met

I met Brandon in August of 2014 through a mutual friend, I was 18 and he was 20. I had recently went through a terrible “relationship” and had finally given up on love. I truly didn’t believe it was out there anymore. After one of the worst weeks of my life, a friend asked me over to his buddies apartment and came to pick me up. When we pulled in I saw this guy sitting in the bed of a truck, playing guitar. My first thought was “wow look at this guy”. He shook my hand, said “Hey I’m Brandon” and I was immediately drawn to him, and found myself constantly glancing his way all night. He was very goofy that night, and was singing country music at the top of his lungs. I started taking Snapchat videos of him singing, and realized I loved his singing. I didn’t learn much about him that night, but I know I wanted to learn more. I went home that night and fell asleep wishing I would’ve got his number or stayed longer. The next morning I woke up and panicked to save the Snapchat videos to my phone, I still to this day do not know why I wanted to keep them so bad. A few weeks later another mutual friend asked me over to his friends house and had posted Snapchats of himself in the same apartment. I told him I couldn’t come (even though I wanted to so bad) but that I had to been to that apartment and if it was Brandon’s.

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Not even 3 minutes later I get a friend request from Brandon on Facebook. The first message I got was “So that’s your last name…” I immediately giggled like a child for 10 minutes. We messaged for a few minutes before we added each other on Snapchat, which lead to texting, which lead to talking for hours at a time. Our very first date, I didn’t ask my mom if I could go until we pulled into my driveway and he was already on his way. I’ll never forget that night, we went to the movies and had our first kiss. He also kept kissing me on my cheek, and the top of my hand. I started to think that maybe he was different, and wasn’t going to be like every other guy in high school. Two nights later we had our second date. I was told it was a surprise. He picked me up around 8 pm on a Saturday, and drove me to Bynum Run Duck Pond. We got out, and he grabs his guitar from the back seat. I remember thinking “holy crap this cannot be happening. This stuff only happens in movies and books.” Well that night he sang to me, and then we drove to a little field to look at the stars. (Which ended up being cloud watching since there were no stars that night) I thought I was in a fairy-tale and couldn’t believe that somebody would do something like this for me. Little did I know that night that the duck pond and field would turn into our spot.

how they asked

The week before Easter Brandon’s Mom texted us telling us the plans for Easter brunch. I was told that girls needed to be in nice dresses, and boys in suits. I didn’t think much of it as we usually got pretty dressed up for Easter. Brandon told me that I needed to have my hair done nice, and my nails done since we were going somewhere fancy. Nobody would tell me where we were going, I was told it was a surprise but only for me.

The Friday before Easter I had gotten my hair and pedicure done with my grandmother. Saturday I told Brandon I didn’t feel like spending the money to get my nails done, but he insisted that I get them done and I’d regret it if I didn’t. So my best friend Lea and I headed to the nail salon. One of the technicians suggested getting Gel instead of a regular manicure, I was fine with the regular but Lea told him we would do gel. That night Brandon made sure I had a nice dress for the next day and that our alarms were set so we could get ready in time. Sunday morning comes around and it’s time to get ready for brunch. While I was getting ready, Brandon took our dog Daisey outside for a walk. I sent him a bunch of silly Easter Snapchats with cute filters, to which he typically replies quickly too. When he came back inside, I asked him where his phone was, to which he said “I left it in the car. It was hot so Daisey and I sat in the car with the AC on for a minute.” I found that a bit strange but still didn’t think anything of it. Then it was time to go, and right before we got in the car Brandon asked me to see what was on the hood of his car. I looked right on top of his windshield wipers and found a pink plastic Egg. When I opened the egg there was a piece of paper inside that said “You’ve found the first egg in your surprise Easter Egg Hunt. Yes we do have time to do this. Each egg you find will have a clue to where your next egg is!

Clue 1. Return to the exact spot where we first met” So we drove a short distance from our apartment to the apartment building a few streets over where we first met. I asked Brandon what was going on and if the eggs would be inside or outside. He told me he didn’t know and that he didn’t place them. I started getting excited and thinking that it was just an egg hunt with maybe some chocolate at the end. I found another pink egg by a tree outside of the apartment with my next clue inside. It read “You’ve found the second clue! That was fast!

Clue 2. Remember when we went “cloud watching: one night? Well head over that way for the next clue!” So we drove one street over to the field that was now the location of the new leasing office for our complex. I found the purple egg on the ledge of the building with Clue #3 that read, “WooHoo!

Clue 3. There’s only one place around here where a drink will fill you up. It’s also a great source of protein on a hot summer day. You have no idea how tough it was hiding this here with no one else touching it!” We drove to the little shopping center right next to our apartment and made our way to smoothie king. I kept asking how he put it there and wondering if anybody took it, to which I was told he didn’t know because he didn’t put it there.

I found the blue egg in the corner of the store window with Clue 4 “We were so excited to move into the apartment. We paid our first rent together, but we couldn’t do it at the office. Where can we pay after hours?” So we went over to the next apartment building where the drop off box is. I kept laughing and feeling uncomfortable that we would be in somebody else’s building and hoping nobody took my egg. I found the green egg in the corner at the bottom of the door, where clue 5 read “Perfect! Almost to the end!

Clue 5. That’s right, it’s time for the duckies. You’ll find the next clue near the corner of the lot, under the only roof the pond has” The pond is right next to our complex so we drove the short 30 seconds over and I saw the little yellow egg on the table with my next clue. “You only have one clue left to find.

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Clue 6. One of the most important locations in our relationship is in this park, not far from here. This where you’ll find your next clue!” I knew this meant the bench that he sang to me at. When I looked over at the bench I noticed a photographer taking pictures of a girl who was sitting on the bench. I got upset thinking that they took my last egg or moved it. Brandon even said “Uh-oh we’re gonna be the jerks that have to tell them to move.” But as we got closer they got up and moved away, that’s when I saw a gorgeous basket with chocolate, a card, and a bottle of wine. Brandon pointed toward the basket and said “Get your last egg” I didn’t see a plastic egg that I was expecting, instead it was a beautiful ceramic Faberge Egg decorated with tiny crystals on it. As I began to open the egg I saw Brandon start to bend down, the paper in the egg said…

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“Clue 7. Turn Around” I immediately began crying as I he asked me to Marry Him. I kept asking if he was serious and if this was real. I was in complete shock of the gorgeous ring that he placed on my finger.

I hugged and kissed Brandon but then heard his best friend laugh and say “So is that a yes?” I turned around to see him filming with Brandon’s phone and found out it was Facebook live. Then Brandon told me to turn around as Lea was walking up the path, and his brother Ryan following behind.

The photographer began taking pictures of us and I found out it was one of Brandon’s bosses who he had come there to photograph the whole thing. I was in complete and total shock and so glad that I finally get to marry my best friend. I then found out that my entire family knew, and called my mom.

We then went to brunch at a very nice restaurant, where his parents decorated their car with “She said yes” balloons and “We’re engaged” banner. The night ended with dinner at my parents with family talking and celebrating about our engagement.

Special Thanks

AJ Jabbar