Alyssa and Blake

How We Met

Blake and I have grown up in the same small town our whole lives. We were always friendly to each other, but nothing more. We had similar friends and got together with our big group occasionally, but we continued dating other people throughout high school and didn’t really think anything of it.

Near the end of our Senior year of high school, all of our friends started hanging out quite a bit so we were around eachother a lot. We got to know eachother a little better and I think it was pretty obvious that we liked the same things and had the same interests in life. Blake was always really quite so it was hard to get to know him, but we could both tell there was something there.

After graduation, we started dating and it just kicked off from there!

how they asked

The week of Thanksgiving 2017, Blake mentioned that we should take a vacation together for Christmas as my gift from him. I was all for it of course, but then he mentioned that it would be a total surprise to me of where we were going. The only information I got from him is that we’d be flying (my first time ever) and to pack warm. My guess was Colorado.

On December 8th we woke up early in Dallas, TX to go to the airport. Still having no idea where we were going, Blake hands me an envelope and videos me opening it. I quickly scanned the paper and the only words I read were NEW YORK!!! Seriously a dream come true! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to be there!!

Saturday, December 9th, Blake informed me that we were meeting a tour guide at the Rockefeller Tree at 2 pm (always wanted to see this tree). We get ready, walk the streets of the snowy city until we get a call from the “tour guide” of his location near the tree.

When we make it to the tree the man introduces himself to us (all I notice is that he has a huge camera) he tells us to go take a picture in front of the tree. After he snaps a couple pictures he lets his camera down and kind of motioned towards Blake to “come on”, so I assumed we are about to head to our first tour location…

Next thing I know, Blake is GETTING ON ONE KNEE, IN NEW YORK CITY, IN FRONT OF THE TREE, WITH MY DREAM RING!!! I’m seriously in complete shock and of course, it was an easy question, I said YES! ❤️

P.S the tour guide was a hired photographer and we got an hour photo session around NY, all while freezing to near death in the snow. So worth it though.

Special Thanks

Karen Barber
 | Planning
Charlie & Wendy McCarthy—Weefan Photography
 | Photographer