Alyssa and Beau

How We Met

We met on Tinder! Neither of us was looking for anything serious, the first night we met I brought my dog and we hung out at his apartment. We hit it off right away and got engaged just 7 months later.


How They Asked

During a vacation in the Florida Keys, I spotted a treasure chest while snorkeling one afternoon. I tapped my boyfriend and pointed to it on the ocean floor. He dove down to retrieve it. When he surfaced he was excited and said that people had been finding all kinds of stuff washing up due to recent hurricanes in the area.

We boarded the boat and joked about how it could be pirate doubloons and we might be rich. He suggested since I found it I should open it. The ring was inside and he quickly grabbed it and got down on one knee. It was an epic surprise! I thought we had really found treasure, I never suspected a thing.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Danny, Beau's brother
 | Made the treasure chest and shipped it to Florida
Bob and Chris, Beau's dad and step mom.
 | Took us on the boat to go snorkeling, they were in on the whole thing.