Alyssa and Andrew

How We Met

On the day of my high school graduation, I attended a friend’s graduation party. Andrew and I mingled over a romantic game of “Never Have I Ever”. 😂 Although he didn’t ask for my number, I took the initiative to friend him on Facebook, which led to a week of liking each other’s pictures back and forth, before agreeing to hangout.

How They Asked

In January 2019, we briefly chatted about doing a weekend getaway for our 7 year anniversary, which was coming up in June. He suggested Nashville and being that I always wanted to go there, I was super excited and gladly agreed. Of course, since it was an anniversary trip, I was expecting something special💍, but on the way there at the airport, he was way too relaxed about his bag going through security, so I knew there couldn’t possibly be a ring in there. Andrew is always very cautious and responsible so this wasn’t like him. Honestly, I was so excited to visit Music City with my best friend, that I didn’t let that dampen my trip. Since we would be there on our anniversary (June 24th), I made sure to make a fancy dinner reservation. During the day, we enjoyed visiting the bars and listening to some great music. At one point during the day, Andrew began talking about the housing market in NY. I always knew that if Andrew didn’t think it was a good time to buy a house, he wouldn’t want to get married. I know that may sound silly but, Andrew always found it extremely important to be able to provide a home for his wife and one day, family.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Nashville, TN

Alyssa and Andrew's Engagement in Nashville, TN

When he started talking about the housing market, he told me how friends at work we’re trying to buy houses but it was impossible and they advised him to wait at least a few years. Now, because I knew how important this was to him and knew he definitely wouldn’t be ready to take the next step in our relationship if this was the case, I was upset. We talked it out and I was 1000% convinced that he understood my frustration and would buy a ring as soon as we got home because I wanted nothing more than being his wife and didn’t care where we would live as long as we were together. This made me feel better and we went out and had a really nice dinner. Afterward, we planned to go down to Broadway to see some bands.

But, Andrew said his stomach hurt and asked if we could go back to the hotel for a bit before going out. When we got back to the hotel, we walked into the room and I entered first. The room was decorated with rose petals, candles, flowers, and champagne. I thought the hotel just did this for our anniversary. I work in hospitality, so I have done similar things when a guest had mentioned an anniversary. When I turned around, Andrew was down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I went into complete shock, as we were just fighting about getting married a few hours before! Which I now know was all staged. 😧I seriously did not stop crying for 3 days after because I was so shocked. I found out that he had been working with the hotel staff for the two days we were there, to have this setup, without me knowing. I also found out that he started looking for rings about 8 months before our trip. Now, we have our wedding date set for two days after our 9 year anniversary!

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