Alyssa and Alex

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Key West, Florida

How We Met

Wow, have I been waiting to submit this post and now it’s finally here! Alex and I first met freshman year of high school in 2010. We had a class side by side and he would come over to my class to talk to a mutual friend who was in my class that I sat next to. Within the first few weeks of school, I took a different bus home and got off at a different bus stop, moments later I had received a text from a random number asking if I was walking home alone every day. It was Alex texting me, little did I know that he was on that bus and saw me get off. He got my number from and friend and instantly hit it off. We dated for a few months but things didn’t work out so we went our separate ways for a few years. Fast forward to July of 2012, we had maintained the same friend group and were always around each other. One night at a party we ended up playing a card game where we were forced to talk to each other and he ended up driving me home that night. Since that night we have been inseparable. We graduated high school together, we’ve experienced milestone birthdays (18 & 21), we graduated college together, we’ve experienced highs and lows in each other’s lives, we’ve created a family (we have a two-year-old Australian Shepherd named Miley), we have experienced so many places and have seen so many things together. Now I get to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful human being.

How They Asked

How did he ask? So, we had this Labor Day trip booked for about 6 months to Key West. We live in Orlando and love going to coastal places when we have the time. Alex and I try to make it to the Keys at least once a year. This trip, his parents really wanted to get their whole family together and enjoy some time in our favorite place. 3 weeks before our trip, Alex’s grandmother passed away, may she rest in peace. After we got back from her celebration of life, Alex’s mom group texted us letting us know she wanted to do a sunset cruise in her honor that way we could toast to her and get some closure. I didn’t think anything of it because I’m here to support him and them during this difficult time. A few day’s before we are supposed to leave for our trip, Hurricane Dorrian put a little wrench in our plans. Our trip was scheduled Friday-Tuesday and the hurricane was supposed to slam the coast of Florida that Sunday. We really didn’t even know we were 100% going on this trip until Friday morning.

Friday morning comes around, we get to the airport and find out that our flight home has been canceled. Do we go to the Keys knowing we could be stranded? Welp, here we go. We decide to follow through with our plans and rented a car to drive back home and would watch the weather over the course of the next few days. Our flight got delayed 3 different times on Friday, so at this point, we were hoping to still make the sunset cruise on Friday night. We FINALLY make it to Key West and arrive at 4:15, we had 2 hours until we needed to be at the dock. Alex had been acting weird all day but I know he hates to fly so I figured it was nerves from the flight but little did I know what was to come. 6:15 rolls around and we make it to the dock to find out that we are taking a private sailboat sunset cruise, surprise!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Key West, Florida

We have done many many things in our 7 years of being together but never a sailboat cruise so I was so excited. We get out on the water and are enjoying the sunset and ocean. We are on the boat on the way back in and there was a little seat at the front of the boat. Alex asked if I wanted to go sit up there. We’re sitting up at the front of the boat, the sun is setting, key west is in the background and Alex starts to talk about all our memories and our times together, next thing I know he was down on one knee asking ME to MARRY HIM! *cue the waterworks* It was emotional, it was absolutely stunning, it was everyone a girl could have dreamed of. I can’t believe that he did it and in our favorite place! We celebrated and enjoyed the last few minutes we had on the boat. Alex began to tell me his process of how he came up with this plan. He said that anytime we are by the water in any way I always say that it’s my happy place. He knew he wanted to do it by the water and got with his mom to come up with the plan that way I wouldn’t be suspicious, it worked! Cheers to 7 years and forever with the love of my life <3