Alyssa and Adam

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How We Met

How We Met During the fall of our senior semester at Point Loma Nazarene University, I ended up on Adam’s doorstep. I rang the doorbell of his quaint Liberty Station townhome looking for his roommate. To my surprise, I met Adam. I had scheduled to work on a group project with Chad (one of his roommates) for one of her business courses. Adam was in the same course but a different section. We used this similarity as an ice breaker. I asked him how he was doing in class and he asked me about my progress with different projects. After a few months of seeing one another and brief conversation, we decided to spend one-on-one time playing a round of golf on Coronado Island. After a beautiful day and enjoyable round of golf, we said our goodbyes. Shortly after we had our first official date at Fig Tree Café in Liberty Station, we began dating unofficially, getting to know one each other better for the next three months. In early March 2015, Adam and I reconnected after Christmas Break for dinner at Bali Hai. Adam asked me to go on a romantic walk along the water to view the San Diego skyline. This was the first time we held hands. Before saying goodnight, Adam asked me if I was interested in being his girlfriend. Initially I told him no and skipped into my apartment. After two additional attempts, I finally said yes to being Adam’s girlfriend and the rest is sweet history.

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The Moment We Fell In Love I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease in 2015, shortly after Adam and I began formally dating. During that time, I struggled through a variety of challenges. Unfortunately, Adam and I spent a large amount of our relationship at the hospital in the beginning. In late July, I got really sick. Adam took me to the ER (with Kathleen and Steven). He cared for me selflessly for seven hours as I cried during every procedure. Although I do not remember much of that night, I know he never left my side. Adam saw me at my lowest point and has continued to endure the treatment process with me. Over the past two years, Adam has been my rock, attending nearly every appointment. We are so thankful I am in the recovery process and hopeful remission is in the near future.

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how they asked

When Adam and I first began dating, I had some strict rules. I told him I wanted to date for two years before getting engaged and preferred a one year engagement. Additionally, I told him that he should not propose on an anniversary or holiday. Although he was hesitant, he agreed to my wishes – my Prince Charming!

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On the evening of our two year anniversary, Adam picked me up for a romantic dinner. He drove us to Mission Bay where we were going to dine on a co-workers yacht. When we arrived, he escorted me down the private dock to the final boat in the harbor. I leaped onto the yacht in my heels and walked towards the beautiful sunset. When I turned around, Adam was on his knee. Although I can’t remember exactly what he said, I will always remember the look in his eyes when he said, “You said we had to date for two years and I couldn’t wait any longer”. After freaking out for a few moments, I squealed “Yes!” and reached for the stunning ring Adam had designed.

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All of the sudden, Camille (my Sister who lived in New Mexico) jumped up from the deck above, “Surprise!” I nearly fainted and fell to the floor crying. I was completely stunned and so surprised! After realizing our closest friends from all over the country were present to celebrate our engagement, I could not stop crying tears of joy. Kami (Adam’s Sister) tried to take sweet /candid photos, but I was a mess.

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Adam is extremely thankful for his co-workers hospitality in allowing us to use their beautiful yacht. In addition to getting engaged at the most picturesque location, the yacht was named “Perfect Match”.

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Special Thanks

Camille Orito
 | Planning
Kami Sparks
 | Photographer