Alyssa and Adam

Image 1 of Alyssa and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I met in an unusual way. We were both Penn State students, but since we were two years apart we never ran into each other. We were both involved in a student run vehicle team that Penn State has and it just so happens that we were both captains of the team, just at separate times. We finally met when Adam came to campus as a representative for Ford Motor Company to support the unveiling of the vehicle my team had built. I had to give a speech to all of our sponsors and this is where he says he started to fall for me. I had already accepted a job with Ford and moved to Michigan in September that same year. Adam was assigned as my tour guide for my first day at work, but ended up missing it because of a scheduled vacation. We spent a little time together, but didn’t really connect until we decided to carpool together back to Pennsylvania that Thanksgiving and on our way back, about 20 miles from our homes in Michigan (and 7 hours from Pennsylvania) discovered Adam had left his car keys in Pennsylvania. Little did I know that that would be the start of our relationship. I let Adam borrow my vehicle for a few days while he waited for his keys to arrive and to thank me he took me to the movies. That was our first date (although I didn’t know it as the time) and we have spent just over 2 years together since.

how they asked

Recently we traveled back to Pennsylvania for Christmas with our families on December 21, 2017. Adam was very insistent that we have dinner together the next day. Adam proposed on December 22, 2017 with a handmade sign, where he spelled out in Christmas lights, “Will You Marry Me?”, which his dad and brother set up after we had left for dinner. He knew my love of Christmas lights from the several times I had asked him on dates to see different displays so it was truly a perfect proposal. I can’t think of a more perfect person to spend my life with I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

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