Alyssa and Adam

Alyssa and Adam's Engagement in Desert botanical gardens in Phoenix AZ

How We Met

We’re high school sweethearts and have been together for 7 (almost 8, now) years. I met him on my front porch very randomly. I was hanging out with a friend (now bridesmaid) and one of my guy friends had a crush on her. He decided to come over to try to win her over, and try to set me up with Adam!! They skateboarded to my house and we’re so sweaty and gross. I was totally not interested in a good couple of weeks, until I finally gave him a shot, haha! And it worked out pretty well!

How They Asked

We both wanted to wait until we were out of our school programs and graduated before getting engaged and married. Well, after we both graduated in May/June 2018, I was ALWAYS suspicious and waiting for it to happen. ? Fast forward to January 2019 we had a trip booked with one of my best friends (and now bridesmaid) to go to Arizona for a long weekend for a music festival that’s run by my FAVORITE band. I had a strong feeling the proposal was gonna happen on this trip… He was talking about all the really cool and pretty places we could visit, and there was one place he kept talking about, The Hole in the Rock. I thought for sure that’s where it would happen. Well, I was WRONG! He did PLAN on proposing at that place, but he spontaneously decided to propose while we were on our visit at the Desert Botanicals Gardens on our first night there. It was awesome!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Desert botanical gardens in Phoenix AZ

The whole weekend was amazing, not only did I get to visit the beautiful state of Arizona, but I also got engaged, and got to see and meet my favorite band! It was an overall amazing weekend and I couldn’t have wished for it to go any other way. Also, fun fact- my pants were on inside out during the proposal ? I was so tired from traveling that day and I actually noticed before we went to the Gardens, but was too lazy to fix it, so I got engaged with my pants on inside out LOL! But it was still totally perfect.